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Those seeking an alternative to PKGDecrypt may want to check out PKG2Zip by mmozeiko, which decrypts PlayStation Vita PKG files and creates zip packages optionally embedding a NoNpDrm license into the work.bin file. :cool:

Download: pkg2zip (32bit / 64bit) / GIT / NoPayStation / NoPayStation Database / FckPSSE / FckPSSE.suprx / GameMaker Studio Hacked (Homebrew GM:S Export Tool) / GMS.vpk (18.1 MB) / (306 MB - GMStudio + Crack and Unlock Modules 1.4.9999.exe) / / GIT via KuromeSan

From the, to quote: pkg2zip

Utility that decrypts PlayStation Vita pkg file and creates zip package.

Optionally embeds NoNpDrm license into work.bin file. You must provide license key.

  • portable, written in cross-platform C code, runs on Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS (system dependent functionality is isolated in sys.c file).
  • small, uses zero dynamic memory allocations and has no external library dependencies.
  • fast, uses AESNI hardware accelerated AES decryption if supported by CPU (requires AESNI and SSSE3 instructions).
  • simple, creates zip package with same folder structure that Vita expects (just drag & drop all file from zip archive to ux0:). Zip file is created directly from pkg without any intermediate temporary files.
  • currently works only for main application pkg files, no DLC.

Execute pkg2zip package.pkg to create title [id] [region].zip file. Title, ID and region is automatically detected from pkg file.

If you have license key (32 hex characters) you can execute pkg2zip package.pkg hexkey to embed key into work.bin file.


Get latest Windows binaries here.

ArchLinux users can build binary with pkg2zip package in AUR repository. For example, with pacaur:
$ pacaur -S pkg2zip

Execute make if you are on GNU/Linux or macOS.

On Windows you can build either with MinGW (get MinGW-w64) or Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition.
  • for MinGW make sure you have make installed, and then execute mingw32-make
  • for Visual Studio run build.cmd

This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.

Anyone is free to copy, modify, publish, use, compile, sell, or distribute this software, either in source code form or as a compiled binary, for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, and by any means.
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GameMaker Studio 2 KeyGen (All VERSIONS)

Download: (19 MB - Includes GameMakerStudio2KeyGen.exe and BouncyCastle.Crypto.dll) / GameMaker.html (Makes GMS2 License Look Legit)
Thanks to Chihiro‏ for the heads-up on this PKGDecrypt alternative! <3
PKG2Zip by MMOZeiko for Decrypting Zipping PS Vita PKG Files.jpg


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