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Proceeding the PS4 PKG Info on PlayStation 4 Packages and Keys by the legendary maxton (R.I.P.), today PS4Scene developer @flatz announced on Twitter the release of an ongoing PKG_PFS_Tool project spanning several years that unpacks PS4 PKGs / PFS / Save Games and can generate GP4 files for building PKGs including all keys provided you have the correct key sets! :love:

Download: / GIT / pkg_pfs_tool (0.61 MB - Precompiled) / Mirror via _nyannoying / ppt182.7z (195.69 KB - Windows Binary - pkg_pfs_tool.exe) via @dankmoor / pkg_pfs_tool_win64.rar (0.36 MB - Win64, includes pkg_pfs_tool.exe and zlib1.dll) / pkg_pfs_tool.rar (227 KB - Windows Binary - pkg_pfs_tool.exe) via @jocover on Twitter

Below is a brief recap of some related articles for those new to the PlayStation 4 Scene, sorted by date with the oldest first:
And from the, to quote: PS4 PKG/PFS tool (c) 2017-2021 by flatz

  • mbedtls
  • uthash
  • zlib
For ubuntu-ish:
sudo apt install libmbedtls-dev uthash-dev zlib
To produce windows executable from ubuntu-ish via mingw:
sudo apt install mingw-w64 libz-mingw-w64-dev
Then pass e.g.
to cmake.

P.S. In memory of Maxton Garrett (maxton), this release is dedicated to you.
to compile tool you need to compile mbedtls release 2.27 and in options enable CMAC_C in config.h and also add option -fPIE to CMakeLists.txt in project
PKG_PFS_Tool PS4 PKG  PFS  Save Games Unpacker Tool by Flatz!.jpg



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what better does this tool have to offer over the earlier tools available for unpacking pkg, generating gp4...

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