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Last year we saw the initial release of PKGDecrypt which decrypts and extracts PS Vita Package (PKG) files, and today PlayStation Vita developer TheRadziu announced on Twitter a PKGDecrypt fork of St4rk's code for Windows x64 OS complete with a fully working license key system! :love:

Download: pkg_dec.exe / TheRadziu GIT / / / weaknespase GIT

To quote from the file: PkgDecrypt for Windows

Decrypts and extracts PS Vita PKG files on Windows (x64) OS.

  • Fully working on Windows x64 systems, extracts 1:1 files,
  • Support for license keys and work.bin creation.

pkg_dec file.pkg output_folder licensekey Last argument, license key is optional, if license key is incorrect(too long/too short) or simply missing, then PKG file will be extracted but without generating the work.bin file.

  • Windows x64 (x32 coming soon after some beta testing is done)
  • a) Vita with 3.60 henkaku, PKG file and license file for Vita installation
  • b) PKG file for extraction purposes only.
pkg_dec file.pkg output folder [license_key]

Release v1.2.3

  • Fixed bug with macOS build, thanks to @kkaazzee.
  • Fixed bug in sfo parser related to string-type fields.
Release v1.2.2
  • Some improvements of DLC unpacking and x86 binaries for win32.
Release v1.2.1
  • Corrects unpacking folder for the game patches in ux mode.
Release v1.2
  • Added support for DLC installation method, discovered by froid_san.
Release v1.1.2
  • Fixed bug with PSM PKG unpacking.
Version 1.1.1 - Bug fixes
  • Binaries deprecated, use latest version.

This is the last release that is posted on this repo. I've decided for a sake of main dev that now prebuild binaries will be posted on weaknespase's repository, next to the latest source code. Please keep an eye to this repository from now on:

New features:
  • Support of generating fake RIFs from hex-encoded klicensee and zRIFs
  • Unpacking files using ux0 hierarchy emulation
  • Automatic recognition of DLC and GD packages (using pkg_info fields)
  • make_key program to pack fake RIFs into zRIF format
Major refactoring of code:
  • Split code over few modules, for example, key encoding and decoding done using keyflate.c
  • Few utility functions (mkdirs and set of pkg_* functions mirroring stdio with transparent decryption)
  • Improved code readability with structs defining various structures in pkg file
  • Generated head.bin now have proper file size,
  • Attempted to fix sku_flag value using drm_type of package (different solution from temp.bin),
  • Other bugfixes.
  • Added full support for license keys, now if you use license key it will generate fully working work.bin file
  • Added check for license, if license is not used, file work.bin will not be generated at all
  • All *.bin files are now generated in proper location output_folder/sce_sys/packages/*.bin
  • Fixed Windows extraction, now it extract 1:1 files.
  • St4rk's support for *.bin files
  • St4rk Initial code
ToDo list:
  • Fix TRIAL detection, right now TRIAL games like Tearaway or Minecraft need a manual fix (set 0xF00F as 03) to be detected by vitashell
  • Fix DLC extraction
  • Tweak code so it can distinguish DLC from the GAME
  • St4rkDev for his wonderful code
  • weaknespase for all of his code edits
  • Atrexia for supporting me with this idea
  • FatalErrorX for providing me with all files necessary for debug and PoC testing
  • Brandonheat8 for the icon
PKGDecrypt Fork by TheRadziu to Decrypt  Extract PS Vita PKGs.jpg


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.
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