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Hello world, 2022! :kitty: Those in the PlayStation 4 Scene seeking to reduce the size of PS4 PKG Games by removing some of the unnecessary contents to make room for more FPKGs stored on your hard drive can try PKGRipper from EnriqueSomolinos on Github, which is along the lines of the PS4 RiPKiT / Modding /Cheat / Backport Tool application previously released for those new in the world of PS4 Jailbreaking.

Download: PkgRipper.exe (145 KB - requires DotNetZip.dll (461 KB) or .NET Framework) / GIT / PKGRipper.Manual.pdf (343 KB)

As pictured below, developer EnriqueSomolinos also included a PayPal Link link in the PS4 homebrew app for those who'd like to support his continued development of PKG Ripper with GUI for Windows by offering a donation. <3

Be sure to check out Enrique Somolinos' YouTube Channel, and here's more about PKGRipper by Somo v1.0.0 for PlayStation 4 from the PKG Ripper

PKGRipper allows you to remove contents from your own backups of PS4 games (Pkg files). One important thing is PkgRipper use patches. This files contains the files that are not necessary in the pkg file and can be trimmer to zero bytes without problems SAVING HDD SPACE!! (F1 2020 drops more than 20GB).

The program detects the patch file that can be applied directly and gives you the opportunity to select what patch you want to apply. Think that one patch file can contain several patches due to the updates that this game can have. For example: a game with a base version 01.00 and to updates 01.01, 01.02 can have 3 different patches.
  • One for the pkg 01.00 for removing duplicated content from the version 01.01
  • One for the pkg 01.00 for removing duplicated content from the version 01.02
  • One for the update pkg 01.01 for removing duplicated content from the version 01.02
  • One for the update pkg 01.02 for removing content from the version 01.02
For this reason the program will always asks the user to say wich is the update you have. To see how to create these patches go PKGRipper Patches.

  • Windows machine
  • .Net Framework
  • Fake PKG Tools: can be downloaded from PS4 Fake PKG Tools 3.87 (Discussion). Gengp4 and orbis-pub-cmd files must be in the same folder of PkgRipper.
  • Your custom patches to apply: if you don't want to do this patches you can download from PKGRipper Patches and put them under the patches folder.
  • Output folder: repackaged backups will be stored here
  • temp folder: temporal folder to extract and modify pkgs
  • patches folder: contains all patches that can be applied
Usage Example

Depending on the size of your files PkgRipper can take a lot of time!!

  • If you want to patch a base fpkg file you can follow this video:
PKGRipper 1.00: Update FPKG Sample
  • If you want to patch an update fpkg file you can follow this video:
PKGRipper 1.00: Base PKG Sample

In case you apply a patch to your base pkg you'll need to repackage the update to link with the new base.pkg, this can be done with PkgRipper applying a fake patch (see transformers patch).

  • Use only with your own backups, we don't support p!racy.
  • Use at your own risk, test always the output PKG, we don't assure perfect results

Donations are appreciated, click the sponsor button to it or donate via PayPal.

Those interested can share PS4 game rips with the community following the PS4 Fake PKG (FPKG) Sharing Guide / Downloading PS4 PKG Games That Are Base64 Encoded or Torrents Guide, and cheers to MSZ_MGS via Twitter for the heads-up on this last year! šŸ»
PKG Ripper to Remove Contents from PS4 PKG Games by EnriqueSomolinos.png



Senior Member
This is not working for me, it won't open up it says gengp4-app.exe or orbis-pub-cmd.exe not detected please install fake pkg tools directly in the pkgripper path

i really want to use this to extract fake pkg files. has anyone got this to work?


Is it possible to delete unwanted files from games? I'm talking about language files and such. Not from the pkg (I've seen the new tool) but rather about already installed games. I would like to know if I could use ftp if it's possible.


Senior Member
@kamorra Probably not because games are "installed" as whole pkgs on the drive. So pkgs need to be repackaged beforehand. Looking forward to developments because i could use some more space right about now.

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