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Previously we reported of Playable Teaser Running on PS4 TestKits complete with PT PS4 Model Data & Textures Extraction, and today PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao followed-up on Twitter with some Playable Teaser PS4 decrypted files and resources from Hideo Kojima's demonstration title for those interested! :D


He notes that it's currently not playable yet on Retail 1.76 consoles, but suggests if the PS4 4.50 Kernel Exploit is released a method to run PlayStation 4 game backups won't be far behind... queue Umar bang!!! (y) CUSA01127 contents:
  • eboot.bin
  • ext_info.dat
  • libc.prx
  • libSceFios2.prx
  • nptitle.dat
  • param.sfo
  • pfs_image.dat
  • right.sprx
If you're hungry for more in the meantime, check out GameArchives with PS4 PFS Support, some GameArchives Updates with the Latest Version on Github, Decrypted PS4 PKG Files and the MakePFS Utility to build PS4 PlayStation File System images.

Cheers to @Centrino for the video, @mcmrc1 and @raedoob for the Twitter notices and very special shout outs to Mr. Warm Don Rickles may you rest in peace! <3
Playable Teaser (P.T.) PS4 Decrypted Files and Resources Surface.jpg


Not open for further replies.