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Following the Online NES / SNES / MegaDrive / MS-DOS Emulators playable via PS5's Web Browser and PS5 BD-J Emulation updates, @jose gozalez shared on Twitter some brief instructions and videos from his @TeRex777 YouTube Channel over the weekend for using the NES Emulator in PS3Filer from's BD-J Page to run Super Mario Bros. via BD-J Emulation in the PlayStation 5 Scene. 🕹️

Download: (134.47 KB - PS3Filer Mirror via josegar21481364)

How to play NES on PS5
  1. pass the roms to bd in the root directory
  2. start the disc
  3. choose your rom
  4. press triangle select number 2
  5. select enter to enjoy the supermario
BD-J Emulation TEST 2
NES Emulator for PS5 BD-J


Playing NES Games via PS5 BD-J Emulation with PS3Filer's NES Emulator.jpg


PS5 will be capable of unlocking the secret of the universe, but it won’t and probably never run backup games. Update and enjoy guys. The scene is dead.
Because of online gaming its for most people not interesting to have a jb. I think you can have 2 Playstation consoles (one for single player with jb and one with actual firmware for multi player).
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