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Here's what many would consider the epitome of Christmas PS4 homebrew spirit, playing Snake controlled with a PlayStation 4 controller directly on an X-Mas tree by JordyMoos... the blue glowing Christmas balls are the apples you need to collect and naturally if you hit yourself it's game over. 🤩

But wait, there's more... the demonstration video features CATS 🐈 alongside a tutorial on Jordy Moos' YouTube Channel covering how the Christmas tree is made so those interested can create light shows and games for your own holiday festivities! 🥰

Playing Snake in the Christmas Tree. Created with Raspberry Pi and WS2811 LEDs
How to: Play Games in your Christmas Tree

Creating of the gaming Christmas tree.

This is a how to video about how the gaming Christmas tree is made. I hope you will enjoy the video and if you have any question then you can leave a comment of contact me on Twitter.

I made this how to video as the result of all those warm replies on the Playing Snake in my Christmas tree tweet! Thank you for all the replies!

  • WS2811 12mm LED modules
  • Teensy 3.2 as the led controller
  • Teensy OctoWS2811 as extension board
  • Raspberry Pi 3B as the game computer
  • Raspberry Pi Camera v1.3 as LED recorder
  • 5.1V Raspberry Pi Power supply
  • 5V DC power supply with enough amps to power the LEDs
Here are the links from the video:
Cheers to @HydrogenNGU on Twitter for passing the word along earlier today! 🍻
Playing Snake on a Christmas Tree with PS4 Controller by Jordy Moos.jpg


Not open for further replies.

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