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Following the addition of RPCS3 PS3 Emulator's FSR Support, some early progress updates on the RPCS4 PS4 Emulator in development and even more Major Graphical Fixes for RPCS3 PS3 Emulator developer @AlexAltea shared on Twitter a PlayStation 3 Emulation: (Re)implementing the Impossible video presentation from FOSDEM'22 via his YouTube Channel alongside 85 slides (slides.pdf - 5.6 MB) from the event with the PS3Scene today! :geek:

Cheers to @Abkarino for the heads-up on this via Twitter earlier on! 🍻
FOSDEM'22 - PlayStation 3 Emulation

The PlayStation 3 features one of the most ambitious and fascinating architectures among video game consoles. Once deemed near-impossible to emulate in real-time, we now celebrate the 10th anniversary of its most popular emulator: RPCS3, a free and open-source software capable of running two thirds of the console's catalogue on PC.

This talk describes the hardware and software stack of the PlayStation 3, covering the IBM Cell/B.E. CPU, Nvidia RSX GPU and Sony's CellOS operating system in detail. We compare these against earlier and later consoles, explaining how their design and complexity has shaped a new generation of emulators and binary translators, before delving into the history and internals of RPCS3 and other PlayStation 3 emulators.

PlayStation 3 Emulation (Re)implementing the Impossible at FOSDEM'22.jpg


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