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Hello all, modding on PS3 is almost over so I've decided to release the source code of a lots of my project on PS3.

Here 12 sources code for you, it contains a lot of Call of Duty games.

Some are below, and the others are on my Github Repository:

Download: MrNiato's Repositories

Name: BO3 SkyFall Mod Menu for PS3 [Zombie]

Link: PS3 BO3 SkyFall SPRX Menu


Name: BO3 Spectre Engine Mod Menu for PS3 [Multiplayer]

Link: PS3 BO3 SpectreEngine SPRX Menu


Name: BO3 AlphaProject - A complete RTM Tool to edit stats and mod

Link: PS3 BO3 AlphaProject MP ZM


Name: All COD Recovery Tool

Link: PS3 AllCodRecovery Tool


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PlayStation 3 Projects Source Code for PS3 Developers by MrNiato.jpg



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Thanks for sharing the source code, and yep with PS5 on the horizon it's almost time to let the PS3 live on in PlayStation history. :love:


how do we install
  • BLES02166
  • BLUS31527
  • BLES02168
  • NPEB02266
  • NPUB31665
which version

There is no point in shooting me a video directly and opening the mod menu, this is how to install it, take a video to do a proper job.


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All this just goes over my head, if there is useful code etc for ps3 please elaborate these videos tell me nothing, i need clear instructions & results ty. for example how do you get this all running

For Info I could not care less how long you wish to hold onto releases its up to you just negates progress, a community thing. where we see progress with sharing

ok im no source code developer, how about end user :D
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