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Following PS4 Debugger 4.05, today Kiwidog made available an open source Oni Framework PlayStation 4 debugger for developers working on PS4 homebrew development. :geek:

For those curious he notes on Twitter, to quote: "Oni framework isn't specific to anything, It's just basic c code that can be ported to anything (I use it on my headless Pi's)."

Download: / GIT

Here's more from @KIWIDOGGIE in the, to quote: Oni-Framework

Oni framework is a platform for embedded device software development. It is used in order to remotely debug/add functionality to an embedded device. As of right now, the main concepts are a fully modular plugin system, with local and remote rpc. This was designed to run at ring-0 privilege level, but with some tweaks can also be used in ring-3 levels. Be warned, this is NOT for production use, only for developers who want an easy building platform for research.
  • Currently this project is in development, and may not be fully tested
  • Will need decent knowledge of C/C#
  • Magic
New Features!

Currently supported features

  • Fully robust local and remote RPC system
  • All used functions are stubbed out in order to ease porting to different platforms
  • File transfer utility
  • Color logging system (works over UART with PUTTY)
Features that are planned:
  • Debugging framework
  • Remote package management and install
  • Communication between devices
  • Hot-swappable loading and unloading of plugin modules
  • Self-escalating from ring-3 to ring-0 (BYO-EntryPoint)
Building and Installation

Oni-Framework just requires that you check out this directory and implement the oni/utils/kdlsym/default.h file with all of the implementations that are required. After this, it should compile just fine with gcc or clang and produce an executable file. You will need to BYO-execution method, but for most embedded devices this can be accomplished via a ssh shell, or a shell over telnet, or any shell for that matter. Other devices may have to load into running memory context, then jump to main which should take care of all of the initialization issues.
  1. Clone the repository git clone a. Optional: Set FreeBSD headers location export BSD_INC="/path/to/freebsd/headers/include"
  2. If you are building for the first time you must run make create which will create the folder structure
  3. Build using make a. If you have not set the environment variable you can build with make BSD_INC=/path/to/freebsd/headers/include
Porting to different platforms

Oni-Framework does not rely on a fully functional libc, and is built to build, and run completely standalone (provided all pre-requisites are met). Instead needed functionality is pieced together from the bare minimum of existing functions either in an running process's context, or kernel context (the latter is the only one tested).
  1. Create a new kdlsym (kernel dynamic symbol resolution) target by creating a new header in include/oni/utils/kdlsym/my_platform.h
  2. Copy and paste the contents of include/oni/utils/kdlsym/default.h to your newly created header file
  3. Add your new target to include/oni/utils/kdlsym.h
#include "kdlsym/default.h"
#elif ...
#include "kdlsym/my_platform.h"
  1. Add your target to the configuration file which is located at include/oni/config.h
// Unknown device
#define ONI_UNKNOWN_PLATFORM        -1
#define ONI_MY_PLATFORM        5
  1. Change the current build target by changing #define ONI_PLATFORM ONI_UNKNOWN_PLATFORM to #define ONI_PLATFORM ONI_MY_PLATFORM

If you want to contribute, just submit a pull request. Otherwise, there is no real support for this at this point. This may change in the future.

Twitter: @diwidog
Cheers to @SSShowmik for the heads-up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :beer:
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tbh, everyone who is talking about 5.xx Exploits should get perma banned. It is so booking annoying to read it over and over again. If they release any exploit, then they will post it ffs!
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