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Following up on the PS4 TestKits Generation 2 Firmware leak, today some details surfaced from martimartin (aka Skeetys) of the new PlayStation 4 Dev Kit System Update 1.72 with a few brief notes on the PS4 Testing Kit for PlayStation 4 User Interface Model DUH-T1000AA details about them below.

To quote: New Update 1.72.. It's the Dev Kit OS, which is either unlocked on a regular console, or installed onto a regular console with this firmware.

As always, we will post more information on PlayStation 4 Dev Kit System Update 1.72 as it becomes available and enjoy! :)

Update: The original source of the Testing Kit (for PlayStation 4) User Interface Model DUH-T1000AA (Debug Settings) screenshots is HERE courtesy of Robert Sebo (Slovenska Republika, Bratislava).
  • DUH-T1000AA PlayStation 4 Testing Kit (for PlayStation 4)
  • DUH-D1000AA Development Kit (for PlayStation 4)
Below is some additional PS4 Dev / Test Kit information (from EussNL) as follows:

PS4 Activation Key

Location: ( USB: )\ps4_activation.afv

Only used by Nonretail. Activation expires in 90 days, reducing several development functions of a TestKit/DevKit. File is generated on request by Sony and tied to console serial. The activation key is a xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx string (where x = hexadecimal)

PS4 Development Kits
  • first generation: graphics card with A10 APU only A10 APU Card
  • second or third generation: 'PS4 Devkit (codename:Orbis)' DVKT-KS000K-xx series / DVKT-KW000K-xx series and DVKT-BS000K-xx series / DVKT-BW000K-xx series
  • fourth generation: DEHT series
  • fifth generation: DUT-DAWxxxK-Ty series / DUT-TAHxxxK-yy series
  • sixth generation (retail chassis): DUH-D1000xA series / DUH-T1000xA series
Tip: FCC and MIC contain lots of model numbers
[B]Model / Wireless / USB 3.0 / Versions / SCEE / SCEJ / SCEA / Notes[/B]
A10 APU Card     NA     NA      ?                 Suggested nonexistant, rumored only
DEHT series     Yes     Yes      ?         DEHT-AW00JK-E0
DEHT-AW00JK-M0         MIC: November 30, 2012
MIC: February 5, 2013
DUH-D1000xA series     Yes     Yes      ?         DUH-D1000JA     DUH-D1000AA     MIC: July 11, 2013
FCC: June 3, 2013
DUH-T1000xA series     Yes     Yes      ?         DUH-T1000JA     DUH-T1000AA     MIC: July 12, 2013
FCC: June 3, 2013
DUT-DAWxxxK-Ty series     Yes     Yes      ?             
DUT-TAHxxxK-yy series     Yes     Yes      ?         DUT-TAH00JK-D0         MIC: May 10, 2013
DVKT-BS000K-xx series     No     Yes      ?     DVKT-BS000K-EE     DVKT-BS000K-JJ     DVKT-BS000K-01
DVKT-BW000K-xx series     Yes     Yes      ?     DVKT-BW000K-EE     DVKT-BW000K-JJ     DVKT-BW000K-01
DVKT-BW000K-03     MIC: June 11, 2012
DVKT-KS000K-xx series     No     Yes      ?     DVKT-KS000K-EE     DVKT-KS000K-JJ     DVKT-KS000K-01
DVKT-KW000K-xx series     Yes     Yes      ?     DVKT-KW000K-EE     DVKT-KW000K-JJ     DVKT-KW000K-01
DVKT-KW000K-03     MIC: June 11, 2012
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