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A few days ago we reported on PS4 DevKit / TestKit Settings for developers, and since the PS4 Retail / Debug Game Transfusion Guide PlayStation 4 developer ZiL0G80 spotted some code of interest in the TMServer-3_50_0_55.msi file of the PS4 *** Leak that (similar to PS Vita) may allow the activation of PS4 DevKits by unlicensed developers through 2020 following the PS4 DevKit Activation Tutorial by Jerry Yin below. :LOL:

Here are the related Tweets:

From TMServer-3_50_0_55.msi thanks to @oneman123 on Pastebin via Hydrogen:
 internal class CpUpdatePlugIn : IPlugIn
        public override string Name
            get { return "recover-cp"; }
        public override string Options
            get { return "file [devkit ...]"; }
        public override bool IsValidArgCount(int argc)
            return argc >= 1;
        public override string HelpString
            get { return "Updates the firmware of the DevKit with the cpupdater.bin file specified."; }
        public override bool Hidden
            get { return true; }
        public override bool Execute(List<string> args)
            ORTMAPI tm = null;
            API.Instance(out tm);
            string path = Path.GetFullPath(args[0]);
            bool success = false;
            List<ITarget> targets = TargetListHelper.TargetList(tm, args);
            foreach (ITarget tgt in targets)
                    using (CtrlCHandler handler = CtrlCHandler.StandardCtrlCHandler(tgt))
                    using (RefCountedConnection rc = new RefCountedConnection(tgt))
                        ITarget23 tgt23 = (ITarget23)tgt;
                        CpUpdateProgressHandler ph = new CpUpdateProgressHandler(tm, tgt);
                        success = ph.Success || success;
                catch (COMException e)
                    ErrorHelper.PrintError(tm, e);
            return success;
Here is the PS4 DevKit Activation Guide / Tutorial, to quote from Jerry Yin:

Before you do this, remember to disconnect from the Internet, and also remember to set the computer time to 2009.

1. Disconnect all the cable
2. Tear the Dev kit apart
3. Remove the CP board
4. Remove the battery
5. Connect CP board to the mother board and leave the battery away
6. Connect the cable (CP first, then power), and power it on
7. Set time to 2009.1.1 00:00

You will get backup battery error message. Open neighborhood and connect the dev kit, then refresh the status, at last reboot through neighborhood, after reboot, you will see the clock (not date) was change.

8. Disconnect the usb cable and keep the power cable connect
9. Put the battery back into the dev kit.
10. Connect the usb cable and power it on, the battery error message should gone. If not, disconnect all the cable and plug it again.
11. Once you discover the battery error message was gone, open neighborhood and connect to the dev kit and then refresh, wait serval minutes then reboot
12. After reboot, you will get an activated dev kit

:arrow: Also below is a guide from NagatoRevenge on Converting Retail PS Vita Consoles to TestKit Units for those interested:
How to convert your retail PS Vita and turn it to a Testkit with CEX2REX! [PART 1]
How to convert your retail PS Vita and turn it to a Testkit with CEX2REX! [PART 2]

Spoiler: PS4 DevKit NEO Downgrading with DevKit PUP

  • Debug Settings developer.rar (65 KB - Debug Settings for PS4 jailbreak, move NPXS20993 folder to /system_ex/app/NPXS20993 change your application (db), replace I changed icon0 is not the same)

A big THANKS to @HydrogenNGU for sharing the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox and to @SilicaAndPina on Twitter! :love:
PlayStation 4 DevKit Activation Guide for PS4 Devs by Jerry Yin.jpg

PlayStation 4 DevKit Activation Guide for PS4 Devs by Jerry Yin 2.jpg


This is about a Vita not a PS4
Guys at least do me a favor and cover this thread before you say this is PS4 related.

The OP (Jerry Yin) had an activated PDEL (Vita Devkit), booked it up, and reset the system so to say to be before the activation date.

There is 100% nothing PS4 related here
I was talking to Specter, and he told me SAMU might get in the way, and Vita/PS4 have different Kernels.

If the PS4 has a CP Board, 'maybe' we could attempt to try it out. Possibilities are low though. We'll just have to see unless someone tests it out.

Like I said, it's not for the PS4 of course, just Vita, but its worth a try on the PS4 Console as my theory over this :)

@PixelButts, if you really think it's not going to work, well then i'll take your word on it :)

EDIT: I don't know why PSX put 'PS4 Devkit Guide' lol.. probably a mistake he misread :p
@HydrogenNGU the PS Vita activation method may also work for PS4 DevKits is the premise, which is likely why your NGU post linked in the Tweet above is titled "PS4 DevKits Activated Until 2020 + Resource Code Spotted CP in PS4?" also :p

@PixelButts if you're certain what @oneman123 is feeding @HydrogenNGU in the Tweets above won't work on PS4 DevKits let everyone know you've tried and debunked this theory. ;)
not working on my ps vita testing kit

there is not possible to activate into testing kits since I search a PS Vita dev kit but it is nowhere to be found
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