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Earlier this month PlayStation 4 Emulation fans saw some builds with demos of the Spine PS4 Emulator, and recently the PS3 Emulator RPCS3 team shared a brief RPCS4 progress update via Twitter on the PS4 Emulator in development by DH who is RPCS3's founder. 🕹️

While there's currently no RPCS4 PS4 Emulator test build publicly available yet, an RPCS4 (PS4 Emulation) Preview video of the current progress from DH can be seen in the Tweets below alongside details via AnnieLeo to quote:

"DH, RPCS3's founder, has given permission to share this quick progress update of his PlayStation 4 emulator. For full disclosure, the RPCS4 emulator is being worked on by DH, who worked on RPCS3 until 2016 and then left to start PlayStation 4 research, there is no overlap from the RPCS3 Team, which will continue to work on RPCS3."

⚠️ Unfortunately PlayStation 4 Emulator for PC fake sites including and surfaced in recent years, but as noted in the Tweets below RPCS4 currently does NOT have a website so to avoid scams it's recommended to bookmark the official site and follow them on Twitter for further updates.
PlayStation 4 Emulator RPCS4 by DH Updates Following Spine PS4 Emulator.jpg


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