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Hi folks,

I need the pinout for the Playstation 4 Pro Power-Supply. The four pins on the motherboard for the Power-Supply.

Hope you guys can help me. I did not find anything on Google. Thanks a lot.

PS.: Sorry for my bad English… Im from Germany.


Hello you mean the current or the internal power supply, if you mean power you can take some 0815 power cable from the monitor business printer.

Sorry i think you mean that in following link for Ps Pro you need cr3000, Not cr200-240 good luck. (y)



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I haven't seen anything specifically for the Pro yet, for the regular PS4 there's a Conversion Guide with pinout details, and also there are some text pinouts on the Wiki if you click on the part numbers there.


Hi thanks a lot.

@Hackmyass @PSXHAX Yes i mean the internal Power Supply. But i need the Power Pin layout from the Mainboard because i dont have the Power supply anymore and i want to use an ATX Power Supply.

Hope you know what i mean.
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