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Since the PlayStation 4 DevKit Teardown by Al Azif, PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller Prototype images, PS4 / PS5 Software Development Kit leaks, PS5 CP (Communication Processor) Box Prototype images, PlayStation 5 DevKit Debug Settings and PS5 Debug Settings on Retail Console today @zecoxao aka (C)ontrol e(X)ecute on YouTube shared via Twitter some PS4 DevKit Prototype Images noting in a Tweet, to quote:

"Besides the APU, Southbridge and AV Encoder/Decoder, Sony uses regular chip parts for their ps4 devkits, testkits and retail systems (AV decoder was discarded on later revisions and Communication Processor came included on Neo Devkits)"

Download: ps4 devkit prototype pics via zecoxao.rar (90.31 MB)

Similar to the PS4 Syscon Renesas Images, PS4 APU Floor Plan High-Res Die Shots and PS5 CXD90060GG Processor SoC (System on a Chip) Images these PlayStation 4 DevKit Prototype Images are also considered eye candy by developers... especially those interested in prototype hardware typically found internally at Sony. :sneaky:

Spoiler: Related Tweets & SYRUP-11 PS4 Prototype
PlayStation 4 (PS4) DevKit Prototype Images Surface via Zecoxao.jpg


@jwooh I feel the same way. I love to see the insides of consoles that I'll never obtain. To me that is awesome. Did you see the heatsink for that thing. Damn! Bet you never see one of those things Blue Light.. lmao. I do like the thermal pads on the 8 cores though.

I actually have my Pro taken apart right now and was waiting on the small pink pads (ones that go on the heat shield) to come in the mail. I'm gonna use the left overs since I ordered 3 strips to cover the 8 cores like the Dev model and hope that helps with heat since the first gen Pros run like jet engines when using Boost Mode. When I choose a Mode I always choose Boost Mode. (Dos Equis Commercial plays in the background)... lmao.

Edit: Holy crap the Amazon dude just showed up... lmfao. Well I guess Ill be fixing the old girl up here in a few hrs. :) Thanks again for the OP and gonna give that a shot with those pads on the cores :)
I know what you mean @Grief247allday I like to see the stuff that I will never own I have two nes proto types and one of those is my game I made. The dev stuff always sells really high I did win a ps2 dev console but the guy said it broke and would not ship it to me could be the fact I won it for less than 50 bucks lol.
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