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Following his previous updates, today Twisted shared an update via Twitter on his PlayStation 4 Remote Play application for Android which now features PS4 input profiles with details below. :geek:

To quote: A lot of you are asking how the next update is progressing so I decided to create a thread everyone can follow and see what has been completed and whats left to do.

Whats completed:
  • Implemented hardware decoding (still a few bugs to fix here but it works)
  • Multiple PS4 account support
  • Importing/exporting of PS4 accounts
  • Multiple PS4 management (for when there are multiple PS4's on the same network)
  • Log in system - No more serial Keys, you can log into the app using your forum details to unlock premium features
Whats left
  • Input system - I'm looking to improve mouse support which has required a total rewrite from scratch of the input system. Previously Lilypad (a 3rd party plugin) was used which besides having a massive code base introduced a lot of annoying limitations when trying to modify it to work with Remote Play. Starting from scratch is taking longer that initially expected but will help with Remote Play specific customisation ie. Touchpad input emulation. Below is an early look as the system, it's not complete and is subject to change but is massive upgrade over Lilypad with a user friendly interface for customising Remote Play specific controls.

  • Multiple players - related to the new input system, I'm looking to add multiple player support. I'll attempt to implement this once the input system is fully functioning.
  • Input profiles - This is to support multiple input profiles and allow easy switching between them whilst running remote play. Depending on time this may not make it into the next update as it's not critical and will be added shortly after.
  • Routed connection requests - currently port UDP 986 is required when connecting remotely, this is to allow the PS4 search request to receive a response. A lot of environments don't allow port forwarding such as work so I'll be adding a routing system to proxy PS4 connection requests and remove the requirement for manual port forwarding on remote PC's. I have a working prototype, it just needs to be tested and setup for the live environment.
  • Interface revamp - this is an ongoing area, as seen in the preview videos the app has undergone a total UI overhaul. Once all the features above are done some finishing touches will be required to polish it off (splash screens, animations etc..).
Progress Update 10/02/17

As seen in the Gif below the mouse now has separate settings for hip fire and ADS (aiming down sights). In short, this allows you to assign a button to switch to secondary mouse settings - normally used when aiming down the scope in first person shooters.

Feedback was also taken on board from your comments and the current state of the controller is displayed directly on the image with highlighted buttons and realtime movement of the analog sticks.

Progress Update 23/02/17

It took longer to implement than I hoped but multiple profile support is now in. In total the following features have been added since the last update
  • Saving & loading of profiles from disk
  • Enable/disable individual player input
  • Multiple profile support
  • Import, export, create new, copy and delete profiles
  • Choice between standard input (controllers) and FPS (mouse/keyboard) input profiles.

Profile Options:

Up next is adding DirectInput8 (DirectX) input backend for more device support (currently only keyboard/mouse and xinput are supported) then finish off Touchpad support.
:arrow: Update: Repl4y developer Twist3d89 is now seeking Android Beta testers for his upcoming PS4 Remote Play public release.

Those who have purchased Repl4y PC (£16.00) that have an Android 6.0+ device can signup to join the Beta testers with some demo videos below:

Seems Sony have blocked 'pinging' the ps4 remotely to check awake/asleep. I've made a workaround server side so its now working again but requires small change to port forwards. Please add 987 TCP to allow remote wakeup. Working on client updates as well to improve wakeup process
Credits to @raedoob for the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :p
PlayStation 4 Remote Play Updates by Twist3d89, PS4 Input Profiles.jpg


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