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PS5 News       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Nov 5, 2020 at 9:53 PM       6      
Following their PlayStation 5 Pre-orders, PS5 Backward Compatibility FAQ and Backwards Compatibility PS5 Update today Sony officially announced that PlayStation 5 Launch Day sales will be online-only due to the COVID-19 pandemic so there will be no need to camp out or line up at retailers. 😷

Here's their official statement from SIE Content Communications Senior Director Sid Shuman, to quote:

Hi all – the launch of the PlayStation 5 console on November 12 (or November 19, depending on your region) is almost upon us! In the interest of keeping our gamers, retailers, and staff safe amidst COVID-19, today we are confirming that all day-of launch sales will be conducted through the online stores of our retail partners.

:alert: No units will be available in-store for purchase on launch day (November 12 or November 19, depending on your region) – please don’t plan on camping out or lining up at your local retailer on launch day in hopes of finding a PS5 console for purchase. Be safe, stay home, and place your order online.

Gamers who have pre-ordered for pick-up at their local retailer should still be able to do so at their designated appointment time, under the retailer’s safety protocols. Please confirm the details with your local retailer.

A special thank you to our entire community for your continued support this year. Here’s to the next generation of gaming!

As always, feel free to share your comments in the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Scene Forums on this PS5 News update.
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I'll be suprised if you can get a disc based PS5 at MSRP by the end of January. Scalpers are going to make a killing off the folks desperate to get one by Christmas, and with online only orders, bots are going to buy up all available stock faster than a human can click "checkout" even with saved info.

Demand is going to be higher than ever with everyone stuck inside too.
was anybody able to get a ps5? My walmart basket got emptied all four times. I'm going to have to learn how to use a bot script next time.
I am going to wait till next year and try to get one, it's going to be almost impossible to get one now with scalpers buying them up and selling them for 1,500. I got plenty of stuff to keep me busy right now.