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Which PlayStation 5 (PS5) System do you prefer?

  • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive

  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (No BD Drive)

  • Both Systems!

  • Neither System.

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As the PS5 News broke during the PS5 Gaming Showcase and the world got a peek at their next-gen PlayStation 5 Console Hardware, we've covered Sony's PlayStation 5 Q&A Session follow-up and this weekend the first image of a PlayStation 5 (PS5) in a Factory Setting surfaced online via Theorry. 🏭

It appears to be slightly bigger than initially expected, however, according to reports the large PS5 size helps it to stay cool as PlayStation's Matt MacLaurin explained on his Linked In page when asked why the system is so big and bulky responding simply with: "Thermals." ♨

He elaborated by stating the following, to quote: "This gen is little supercomputers. While the 7nm process delivers amazing heat performance for the power, the power is very extreme."

In other words this technology needs to stay cool, so larger casing (and heatsink) is a must.

:poll: Now that Sony confirmed both a PlayStation 5 console with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition without a disc drive will be available during Holiday 2020 season, today's poll question is...

Which PlayStation 5 (PS5) System do you prefer? :unsure:

Let us know your choice in the latest Site Poll, and feel free to share your decision's reasoning why in our PS5 Forums as well.
PlayStation 5 (PS5) in a Factory Setting Image Surfaces and Site Poll.jpg
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Ps5 with blue ray all the way.
Data is too expensive in my country, the data to download a single game will buy another ps5


@Creaxor525 You can forget PS3 backward compatability on the PS5. They won't reproduce the same mistake with the PS5 as they did with the PS3, that is to say selling it for way too expensive just because they wanted some hardware emulation of the PS2 in the console. And software emulation of the PS3 is out of the question.

I would rather have the blu-ray version, but buying the digital version makes sense for me if costs 80/100€ less.

Also I don't understand why the size is such a big concern, especially if it helps with cooling, from my perspective it doesn't matter at all, unless it's really ginormous and can't fit anywhere, which it's not


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A physical compatibility with PS3? Correct, zero chance. Sony's early love of proprietary hardware and the PS3 will ensure this, as you stated.

The potential to work in software emulation isn't totally out of the question. PCs with similar specs can run RPCS3 and that's an emulator without all the inside information that the makers of the actual console have. IIRC, it's open source and I think it would actually be dumb for Sony to not take it as is, internally upgrade it and make it available eventually.

Now, will they do that? Probably not. To be fair, probably not. However, unlike PS4 I think PS5 can technically emulate PS3.
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