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In PS5Scene news this weekend, following PlayStation 3 Shop updates, PS3 Demo Unlock Codes, PS3 Demo / Kiosk / Shop Firmware Reverters, PS4 IDU Mode & Kiosk DVD iSO and PS5 Kiosk / Demo Stations comes an image of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Interface Demonstration Unit (IDU) Mode from taowsu on Twitter! 🤩

While retail store employees use IDU Mode to download content via installing new game demo discs during kiosk demonstration unit updates, occasionally a console gets stuck in an IDU Loop requiring an Unlock Code, Reverter, Staff Mode or PS4 IDU Mode Payload to exit the 'demo' mode.

Based on the PlayStation 5 IDU screen image in Taowsu's Tweet, it appears his PS5 console somehow got stuck (there's currently no publicly available button combination sequence to enter PS5 Staff Mode see below) so @Al Azif suggested on Twitter desoldering the chip after disassembling the console, dumping and validating the PS5 Flash via PC consequently allows @zecoxao on Twitter the opportunity to examine it and determine where the PS5 IDU Offset that requires modifying is located to fix it. :ninja:

Here's to hoping this gets resolved, so that when the rest of the PlayStation 5 Scene finally manages to Obtain a PS5 Console if anyone else runs into this PS5 Help issue a solution may already exist. 🙏
:arrow: Update: From also comes the PS5 IDU Mode Button Combo Menu details to quote: PS5 Button Combo Menus

Safe Mode

While the console is off, press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps, then let go.

See Safe Mode.

More System Information

See More System Information.

Button combo usable within Settings → System → System Software → Console Information


Hold down :l1: (L1) + :l3: (L3) + :/\: (Triangle) for 5 Seconds, then let go and press :dpad-up: (Arrow Up) + OPTIONS button.

Staff Mode (IDU)

Hold down :l1: (L1) + :l2: (L2) for a few seconds, then press and release :o: (Circle), :x: (Cross), :[]: (Square), :/\: (Triangle), :dpad-right: (Arrow Right) and then, release the :sps3l1button: (L1) and :l2: (L2) buttons.
From Interface
  • Seems similar to a game hub, with quick launch demos, information, icon and videos (trailer). When there is no bundle installed, a splash screen with "Content unavailable" is displayed.
  • Just like PS4, IDU mode restricts both application launching and PlayStation Network features.
  • If similar to PS4, by activating IDU Mode it will flash a value to sflash that will prevent the user to remove it if reinstalling the firmware or updating the firmware.
PlayStation 5 (PS5) Interface Demonstration Unit (IDU) Mode Unveiled! 2.jpg

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Interface Demonstration Unit (IDU) Mode Unveiled! 3.jpg

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Interface Demonstration Unit (IDU) Mode Unveiled! 4.jpg

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Interface Demonstration Unit (IDU) Mode Unveiled!.jpg

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Interface Demonstration Unit (IDU) Mode Unveiled! 5.jpg


jose gozalez

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As soon as the idu code is known, I will be able to do the same program as for the ps4, and from there you must install PKG OFC from ps5, as in ps4 with the automatic installer. It's not a big deal, but it entertains me.


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Looking on twitter, the PS5 owner doesn't know what dumping is, he should sell that PS5 on to someone who does and get him self a new one. Or at least lend it to be dumped and fixed for him in return.
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