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Although no PS5 Price has been confirmed yet, those seeking a launch day PS5 console during the Holiday 2020 season may want to sign up at various retailers to receive an email notification when PlayStation 5 pre-orders officially open... you can do so as of today at stores including Best Buy, Game, Dustinhome, Game Mania and Ned Game across different regions around the globe! :fire:

This PlayStation 5 news comes following PS4 to PS5 Transition details, a Sony Survey and public confirmation that PS5 DevKits equipped with DualShock 5 (DS5) Controllers are finding their way into the hands of developers.

:idea: As with other PlayStation console hacking scenes, it's advisable to acquire a launch day PS5 console for the best chance of finding a PlayStation 5 exploit that can be utilized for a PS5 jailbreak to run homebrew, game backups and unsigned code on like CFW, emulators and Linux before Sony patches the holes with PS5 Firmware / System Software updates. :geek:

Below is a tentative list of shops that offer PS5 pre-order notification sign ups from sorted by region:

United States:
United Kingdom:
If PlayStation 5 pre-order notifications aren't listed in your area yet, let us know in the comments below when they become available and we'll add the sign-up links to this article as time permits. (y)
PlayStation 5 (PS5) Pre-order Notification Sign Ups Available at Retailers!.jpg



wonder if their gonna change the way the updates are applied, i.e. when you in the update process it looks like S0NY used the same UI from the ps3 ;) or they gonna change things up...


I'm going to get a ps5 1st day to increase my chances to play broken/glitched emulators and asteroid/quiz games like the ps4 instead of commercial titles
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