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Sony already confirmed the PlayStation 5 next-generation video gaming console is in development, and following yesterday's tipoff of PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.0 coming late this summer industry insider Tidux revealed a potential PS5 estimated time of arrival (ETA) alongside some predictions from Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter below! :sneaky:

Before we jump in, if you haven't seen it yet there's a new Sony MEME in the Shoutbox message of the day (MOTD) and Nintendo Switch owners will be pleased to know BigBlueBox has officially kicked off the scene with some game cartridge dumps. :love:

According to Michael Pachter Sony is expected to cut the PS4 price to $249 and the PS4 Pro price to $349 this holiday season, with reporting he also states the PS5 will likely be backwards compatible with the PS4 Pro and may launch in 2019.

Tidux also shared some juicy rumors of his own over the last 24 hours, hinting that the PS5 may be announced at E3 2018 and released in late 2019... which corroborates the Wedbush Securities analyst's PlayStation 5 ETA as well.

So got 3 rumors for you, I don't now anything about it, how true or not it is but I will share with you and let time will tell
1. PlayStation and Level 5 is making a #Robotech game.
2. PS Now will be released worldwide and be a part of a new PS Plus plan.
3. PS5 announced at E3 2018 released late 2019
To be super clear, I have no idea if there is any substance to these rumors.

Feel free to share your thoughts on these PlayStation 5 rumors in the comments below, and thanks to @ArthurBishop for passing along the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :thumbup:
PlayStation 5 Rumors from Michael Pachter and Tidux with PS5 ETA.jpg



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You're still exaggerating. Again, the quickest in that thread was 4 days.
Yes it tooks 4 days to release Tekken 7 with DENUVO v4:
T7 release date 2 june, cracked AND released for DL 6th june.

Today Baldman needs less than 2 hours to crack ALL denuvo version (1 2 3 & 4).

Now look at the released yesterday:

PYRE cracked and available for DL day one !
When will you play PYRE on your PS4 (for free) ? Maybe in 5 years or ... never ?

PS: CEMU 1.8.2 just released yesterday, F.C.K SONY ! :)



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Huh? What does any of your post mean? And no, I'm not a PS Fan Boy. Just someone who dislikes huge amounts of exaggeration just to make a point.


PSXHAX's B!tch
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I'm surprised such demeaning posts are allowed here. Way to be part of a community. If you don't care who I am, then don't make assumptions. I'm sure you felt a lot better about yourself after you posted that. Nice job!


Super Power
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as they said my friend the less people you chill with, the less bs you deal with allowed here. if i am part of community its for PS4 News not for a b!tch.

i'm not continuing this crap because my english isn't very well to mess with people here + don't have much time to do it post to take ranks here.


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No worries. That title is an inside joke from this very web site, quite some time ago. I can change it if I want to. I just like to remember the fun times. Take care o/
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