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Proceeding the PS5 Boot Startup leak, PS5 UI / UX video, PS5 Unboxing footage and PS5 Kiosk / Demo Unit preview today Digital Foundry shared a PlayStation 5 User Interface Tour of Sony's next-gen Menu System alongside an Unboxing video of the new PS5 HD Camera from Skewed and Reviewed below. 😎

PlayStation 5 HD Camera Unboxing

Here is a look at the new HD camera for the PS5 as I unbox it.

PlayStation 5 User Interface Tour: Examining The New Menu System

PlayStation 5's user interface is a new and interesting experience - but also retains a lot of functionality you'll be familiar with from PS4. In this guided tour, John Linneman takes you through the menu system of Sony's latest console.

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PlayStation 5 User Interface Tour of New Menu System & PS5 HD Camera.jpg


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