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Proceeding the PS Home Preservation Project and Destination Home PS Online Network Emulated, today PlayStation 3 Scene developer @NagatoRevenge announced on Twitter that the PlayStation Home community and Destination Home Team (DestinPSHome on Twitter) at (Destination Home Discord Channel) is excited PlayStation Home can officially run online via PS3 4.88 Official Firmware (OFW)! 🥳

Move over Metaverse, as below is a PlayStation Home Online 1.86 Retail Running on PS3 4.88 Official Firmware (OFW) proof-of-concept (PoC) demo video from NagatosRevenge's YouTube Channel with the following details from the video description:

Greetings Home Veterans! I'm proud to announce that after years of development & with the community's help in aid to our preservation efforts, the Destination Home Team has finally accomplished the unthinkable! As you can see from this test PlayStation Home is running on the latest/current official firmware version (4.88) as of 4/30/2022.

As a team, we've taken in the community initial feedback in regards to OFW support as users wanted to play on their original Home accounts & to avoid console bans from running custom firmware. Hopefully, this video brings joy to not only the PlayStation Home community but to the preservation scene as well.

By you guys donating much-needed Home data from your personal PlayStation 3 consoles, the team would like to say THANK YOU, for making this possible!

This showcase/test was completed on 4/27/2022!

Best regards,

The Destination Home Team.

🛠️ Development Team:

➭ Dedsec - Backend Dev
➭ Figment - Community Manager & Outreach
➭ Gaz - Tools & Modifications Dev
➭ Kevman95 - Web Hosting
➭ Knight - Client Reverse Engineer & Programmer
➭ Megalia - PSOne Developer.
➭ Nagato - Content Server Dev & Video Editor
➭ PS Online Network Emulated Development Team

Social Media | Contact Us!

➭ Twitter: DestinPSHome
➭ Discord: Destination Home Discord Channel
➭ Official Website:
Let's Break Out of Bounds in PlayStation Home | Wardrobe Area Scene

Good afternoon, YouTube & the PlayStation Home community! After long hours working on PlayStation Home sometimes I have random ideas about the overall 3D models/UI Home has utilized. In particular, I came up with this idea to check out the "Wardrobe Area Scene" which handles the user's clothing objects.

I've always wondered about the primary function of how the Wardrobe Area loaded content plus I always personally like the floating Home icons in the background which created a nice ambient theme while selecting clothing for your avatar.

As you can see from this quick video, the wardrobe area is essentially a *flat* surface with some curved segments towards the corners of the initial 3D model.

This video was just something "fun" to me to see/test, and was just a little thing I wanted to document on my channel.

Best regards,


PlayStation Home Online 1.86 Running on PS3 4.88 Official Firmware (OFW).jpg


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