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Since confirmation of the PS4 Kernel RCE Talk by TheFloW0 at TyphoonCon 2024 earlier this month, Security Researcher Andy Nguyen announced on Twitter today, "After more than a month of hard work, PPSSPP is running natively on PlayStation Portal. Yes, we hacked it. With help from xyz and ZetaTwo." He went on to state, "We responsibly reported the issues to PlayStation. Bugs are fixed on 2.06." 📲🥳

:alert: Theflow0 also warns, "In order to keep using your PS Portal with your PS5 on 2.05, block in your router and reboot. Very important, do not factory reset the device, as otherwise it will force update you." :alert:

Although theflow0 noted "There's no release planned in the near future" he stated, "We may demonstrate some videos this weekend" for those interested in seeing Sony's PlayStation Portal (formerly known as PlayStation Project Q) handheld remote play device running the PPSSPP emulator supporting PSP (PlayStation Portable) emulation. 🕹️👀

This PlayStation Portal hacking progress comes since news of PPSSPP on PlayStation Classics, the PSP Windows emulator running a GameJAM PSP Homebrew Game with Demo Video, footage of PS4 Linux TEarch Running PPSSPP at 60FPS with Vulkan Support and Sony's official PlayStation Portal Launch for $199.99 last November alongside some PS Portal Firmware / System Software PUPs and the release of Source Code for Open Source Software Used in PlayStation Portal Remote Player.

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PlayStation Portal Hacked by TheFloW0, PSP Emulator Running Natively!.jpg


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