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Starting this Wednesday, Sony's latest PlayStation Store Big in Japan Sale offers discounts of up to 50% off select PSN games including Capcom's survival horror remake Resident Evil 3, Bandai Namco's double-martial arts whammy of Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball: Kakarot. 🇯🇵 💰

Below are the region-specific PS Store links with further details from Associate Digital Promotions Manager Nathan Clark, to quote:

Favoring a different genre experience or an alternate choice? There's plenty to choose from when the sale kicks off.

Head here if you’re in Europe, and here if you’re in North America for the full sales list on PlayStation Store when the promotion goes live!

As ever, the sale is on for a limited time, ending Wednesday, October 7 at 23.59pm BST / CEST / PST, 02.59am EST.
PlayStation Store Big in Japan Sale Offers Up to Half Off PSN Games.jpg