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Guerrilla has a PlayStation VR game in development called RIGS Mechanized Combat League, where you battle for supremacy as the pilot of an athletic fighting machine in the sport of the future!

Here's a bit more about their upcoming PS VR title from Senior Producer Mark Green, to quote:

"When we started development on Rigs Mechanized Combat League, it was always our intention to create an experience that harkened back to the old school arena based shooters.

Those days when you would learn the arena by heart, and when a well-timed jump or a split second dodge gained you the advantage over your opponents. We wanted to create that adrenaline pumping fast paced shooter, and put you in the middle of the action."

This game looks so much fun reminds me of rocket league on meth.
RIGS Mechanized Combat League.jpg



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Official video reviews are A LIE. When 3D came out i remember they presented the same perspective of it. Then 3D fell down till its extintion. 3d at home is crap.

This is a classic marketing introduction of an underdeveloped technology. We will have to wait one mor year at least to see a refined VR system in the market.

Hype do sells, and sony knows a lot about it. I could speak a lot more about it, but i assume there is inteligente life on PSXHAX...