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Do You Plan to Get Sony's PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset?

  • OMG hell yes - it's awesome technology!

    Votes: 11 57.9%
  • Heck no - it's just another sales gimmick!

    Votes: 5 26.3%
  • I don't care.

    Votes: 3 15.8%

  • Total voters
Recently KGrizzly spotted a PlayStation VR Safety Notice in the PS4 Firmware v3.50 Beta 2 for Sony's upcoming virtual reality platform geared towards PlayStation consoles.

With a release expected later this year, today's poll question is... Do you plan to get Sony's PlayStation Virtual Reality headset?

VR_Headset_Safety_Notice.jpg Below are some of the accessory's features from Sony's official site:

PlayStation VR Headset Key Features:
  • Advanced Display
    PlayStation VR combines a landscape-scanning, full-HD LCD 1080p display and a uniquely developed optical unit with an approximate 100 degree field of view to create a vast 3D space in front of your eyes.

  • Built for PlayStation
    PlayStation VR allows you to experience the future of gaming through virtual reality with just the visor, your PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Camera.

  • 360 Degrees of Audio
    Utilizing technology developed for the platform, PlayStation VR delivers a deeply immersive audio experience, putting you in the middle of the world with sound that comes from any direction in a 360-degree sphere.

  • Industrial Design
    PlayStation VR features a visor-style design, engineered to be balanced and comfortable for extended use. Its dual-banded form also adjusts to fit comfortably around various head sizes and over glasses.
  • Movement and Position Tracking
    The visor’s high-sensitivity accelerometer and gyroscope run at a frequency of 1000Hz, allowing PlayStation VR to detect your head’s movement with almost no latency. When used with a PlayStation Camera, your head’s movement, and the movement of controller can be tracked and reflected in the game’s images in real time.

  • Multiplayer Gaming
    Multiple PlayStation VR units connected to PS4 systems can be networked to play in the same virtual world. Additionally, PlayStation VR can also display what you’re looking at as a 2D image on your TV screen, allowing others to participate.
PlayStation VR.jpg


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VR / AR is the future!! It has the potential to alter the way the world works. why can't people see this? i see someone voted for "Heck no - it's just another sales gimmick!"

This $800.00 piece of equipment is nothing more than the beginning of a technological breakthrough; it's what will cause more change in the world than just gaming. it will one day become that which is used for not just leisure but also meetings in office spaces / whilst lying down, etc. Envision a world where everything works off of holograms and that's just the AR side of things. touchable holograms. On the VR side of things like this helmet; you'll not only get in the next 10-15 years a REAL S.A.O. (this is what the experts predicted)
And then you have the PS5.
Now look at the pdf and tell me if it looks like a regular disc machine. of course this is from way back when.. SO THIS PDF IS ACTUALLY OUTDATED.

I'm serious when i say Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are the future, not some sales gimmick. I give it my stamp of approval. HECK, even
from Microsoft Their own stamp of approval.

just look on twitter.

Sorry. Couldn't find the official tweet. just a small re-posting from scratch.


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I was one of the 'no' votes.. although I agree holograms are cool :oops:

I still don't see myself getting VR for PS4, but in other aspects of life I definitely welcome the tech! :D


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i think we all see the picture from the galasy s7 and all people with this vr on their head and marc zuckerburg walking around them....for me it was a scary moment...


VR / AR is the future!! It has the potential to alter the way the world works. why can't people see this? i see someone voted for "Heck no - it's just another sales gimmick!"
I have a DK2 laying around since last year, only used it for some POCs and when friends come by for rollercoaster.

VR is really useless as long as you can't move inside the world phisically and also without your real hands/arms inside the VR.