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Last month Sony announced a next-gen PS5 VR System is forthcoming, and today their spotlight focused on upcoming PlayStation VR games including videos showcasing what virtual reality fans can expect to see later this year. :cool:

Check out the latest PlayStation VR trailer videos and PS VR recap below!

DOOM 3 VR Edition - Announce Teaser PS VR Trailer

DOOM 3: VR Edition transforms id Software’s critically acclaimed action-horror shooter into a white-knuckle VR experience, immersing players in a terrifying world where Hell lurks around every corner.

A demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporation’s Martian research facility, leaving horror and death in its wake. You are one of the few survivors, a marine with access to an arsenal of weapons.

Fight your way through the darkened, claustrophobic corridors of the research facility and into Hell itself to stop the invasion from reaching Earth.

DOOM 3: VR Edition also includes both expansions – Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission. In The Lost Mission you are the sole survivor of Bravo Team, tasked with destroying a teleportation relay located deep inside Hell capable of sending an army of demons to Earth.

Resurrection of Evil takes place two years after the events of DOOM 3 -- you must recover an ancient artifact able to open a portal to Hell and destroy it before the Maledict can use it to exterminate humanity.

Song in the Smoke - Announce PS VR Trailer

Song in the Smoke immerses players in a beautiful and deadly VR world where they must craft, forage, hunt, and fight to survive.

Take survival into your own hands, and stay alive by gathering materials to make tools, weapons, clothing, medicine and shelter.

Use your club and bow to fend off strange beasts, battle the elements, and embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of the Song in the Smoke, coming to PS VR in 2021.

Fracked - Teaser PS VR Trailer

IT’S THE END OF THE FRACKING WORLD – COMING TO PS VR SUMMER 2021 From the creators of the ground-breaking Phantom: Covert Ops, Fracked is the trailblazing new VR action adventure that seamlessly collides relentless “run and cover” gunfights with free and fluid skiing, running and climbing.

Uncompromised, audacious, and unashamedly stylish, Fracked grabs the PS VR by the Moves and delivers an ass kicking virtual reality game that has been fully enhanced for PS5.

I Expect You to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar - Extended Announcement PS VR Trailer

In I Expect You To Die 2, players return to the immersive world of espionage. After secretly surviving the final mission of I Expect You To Die, players go deep undercover to explore the diabolical intelligence the Agency received regarding Zoraxis’ move for world domination.

Players will embark on brand new missions to figure out what Zoraxis is up to, use their elite spy skills to retrieve vital intelligence for the Agency, and try their very best not to die mid mission.

Details about the game:
  • Coming to PlayStation VR
  • Launching in 2021

Zenith: The Last City - The Fracture PS VR Trailer

Immerse yourself alongside other players in an anime-inspired VR MMO featuring thrilling action RPG gameplay. Welcome to Zenith.

After the Fall - Cinematic PS VR Trailer

From the team that brought you Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall is an epic VR action FPS with intense 4-player co-op gameplay at its core.

Team up with friends across platforms, venture out into a post-apocalyptic VR world and take on huge hordes and ferocious, towering snowbreed in a raging fight for survival.

Upcoming PS VR Games Recap

Immerse yourself in the latest updates on games coming soon to PlayStation VR.

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VR each day looking nicer and nice, even tho headsets still has some ways to go and then here i am being the lame extreme motion sick guy i am and cant play VR. Damn! Honestly it might be due to the headsets too and ofc the game, i was waaay more motion sick back during gear vr because of all the distortions, some of it still happens on PSVR but i never really tried any other.

Since i can see the texture of the glass lenses on the PSVR i cant really properly focus on the game and i think thats part of where i get sick. If i wasnt this motion sick i would risk and buy something a bit more expensive so i went for the cheaper option which was PSVR just to try a bit better VR instead

Also dang son Doom 3 was so cool back then and now its fully in VR, thats sick


I tried RE7 on VR. I lasted maybe 10 minutes before I was all over the place. Pukka bit of kit my body just don't like being sat down but thinking its moving about lol. Currently platinuming RE7 while on annual leave