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Following his PSN API PHP Wrapper updates and the recent PSN API Python Wrapper, PlayStation 4 developer @Tustin shared a C# library he's been working on called PlayStationSharp for the PlayStation API with other devs and those seeking to learn today. :geek:

According to a recent tweet on his Twitter, to quote: "PlayStationSharp now also has support for changing profile background image and color. I also included some examples in the test app that let's you change both."

Download: / GIT / PlayStationSharp (Latest Release) / GIT fork by grill2010

And from the PlayStationSharp

A C# library for the PlayStation API.


Notice: The PlayStation.TestApp project provides a more real life application of this library. You can use that as a reference if you so choose.

Due to changes to Sony's login system, you can no longer login with a username and password directly. Instead, this library utilizes their own login form and displays that to the user in a new form when called. This is how you can login using this library.

Logging in
using PlayStationSharp.API;

// Spawns a new Windows form with Sony's login form.
var account = Auth.CreateLogin();

// Will return null if form was closed manually.
if (account == null) return;

// 'account' variable now contains an instance of the user's account.
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It would be cool to have this on the PS4, to be able to see friends online and send messages. Although it would have to be its own pkg, and then it would just work when launched...
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