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Proceeding my Doom PS4 Unity Game PKG and Soldier Mayhem PS4 Homebrew PKG here are Plissken DooM v4 and Brutal PS4 DooM v2 Homebrew Packages with a demo video from my YouTube Channel!

Special thanks to @DEFAULTDNB for testing.

This update includes...

Plissken DooM v4:
  • You can now fully play shareware Doom1 on PS4
  • Added rest of the map linedefs from Doom shareware campaign
  • Added Baron of Hell
  • and much more!
Brutal PS4 DooM v2:
  • Change particle effect to a more nostalgic look
  • Brutal PS4 DooM v2 is built on top of Plissken DooM v4
Known bugs:
  • Performance drop on level 3
  • Corpses on dynamic sectors might stay hanging in the air
  • Walking between things might push you on top of them
  • AI sometimes walks off the ledges unintentionally
  • Monsters are unable to walk through certain areas, such as a keycard door that is open.
  • This is very noticeable with the pink demons, but applies to all. The reason for this is that heatmap doesn't get updated, or the original calculations were not good enough.
In future releases:
  • will try to add a minimap
  • will try to fix preformance issues
  • larger HUD
Plissken DooM v4 Download:
Brutal PS4 DooM v2 Download:

Plissken DooM v4 and Brutal PS4 DooM v2 Homebrew PKGs.jpg
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