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Recently PlayStation 4 Scene developer @noob404 released via Twitter a PopOS 22.04 with Mesa 22.0.1 PS4 Linux Distro complete with details on alongside a fresh video demo below from Noob404's PS4Linux YouTube Channel. 🐧

This comes following the PopOS 21.10 & Fedora 35 for PS4, PS4 Linux Loader for 9.00 with Eeply's GPU Performance Patch Payloads, Elden Ring & Mortal Kombat 11 on PS4 Linux Video Guides, Nobara OS with Mesa 23-git PS4 Distro and PS4 Linux Debian 11 Distro with Emulators.

Those seeking to support his continued work in the scene can do so directly via Noob404's Ko-fi Page, and feel free to drop by his official Discord Channel for related help and questions. 🗣️

:arrow: PopOS 22.04 for PS4 with Mesa 22.0.1: PS4 Distro Release / Rescueshell Method

Download: popos_22_04_ps4linux.tar.xz (3.32 GB) / Mirror (User: noob404 / Password: ps4 / Root password: ps4) / Noob404's Ko-fi Page <3

From the video's description: Recently, System76 launched Pop OS 22.04, based on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy). And now, I bring you Pop OS 22.04 for PS4 with the all new GNOME 42.

In the video, you can also see the distro handling Portal 2 on Steam at 120+ FPS on fullscreen 1080p. Special thanks to Reo Au In for buying Portal 2 and Monaco! :tup:
Pop OS 22.04 for PS4 by PS4Linux | Portal 2 1080p High Settings at 120+ FPS, GNOME 42 and More
PopOS 22.04 with Mesa 22.0.1 PS4 Distro by PS4Linux (aka Noob404).png