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Building upon Swaqq's PS4PRX Tool that was previously released and proceeding his PS4 Trophy Unlocker PRX Demo & PS4 Game Patches Repo, today PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Backporter (Kernel_Panic___ on Twitter) updated PRX_505 adding PS4 ELF Injection via PS4Debug alongside a 'Refresh' button to his Github repository. šŸ˜€

Download: PRX_505 (Latest Version) (PRX Loader - includes PRX_505.exe, libdebug.dll, INIFileParser.dll and INIFileParser.xml) / GIT

He also can be found on his GamerSixVideos YouTube Channel and Official PS4 Game Modding Server Discord Channel for related help and tech support.


PRX_505 v2.0:

  • Added ELF injection via PS4debug
  • Added A Refresh Button
PRX_505 v1.0:
  • Initial Release, needs testers.
PRX_505 Update Adds PS4 ELF Injection via PS4Debug by Backporter.png



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Trying to understand what is this intended for, seems like something to swap the game prx with a different one, i might be wrong. If so thats a bit cool lol
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