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A few months ago we saw a WIP design preview of his PS4 Exploit Host Menu, and today PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @Leeful released PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 followed by PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.1 and PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.2 via Twitter featuring the latest PS4 exploit payloads for jailbroken PS4 5.05 consoles! 🎄 🎁 🎅 🤶

Download: (2.59 MB) / (16.23 MB) / (2.71 MB) / (3.5 MB) / (2.14 KB - Copy the Optional USB Files to your USB Drive if you use the appToUsb, PKG Backup or the Game Dumper payloads)

Spoiler: Depreciated

:idea: Reminder for those without a jailbroken PlayStation 4, it's still possible to find an exploitable PS4 console until a future PS4 jailbreak exploit arrives. 🤗



  • Hen v2.1.2 by SiSTR0 added. This has added Trophy debug patches which will allow new backported games to be installed and run without any problems.
  • PS-Phwoar! is now compatable with all of LightningMod's apps. (Orbisman, HB Store & Updater POC apps now work)
  • WebRTE-V2 Trainer added as requested.
  • Game Dumper Options added as requested - You can now choose to dump your game and update seperatly or into one merged folder without having to use a cfg file on the USB.
  • First release of PS-Phwoar!
To quote from Leeful with all the release details: [RELEASE] PS-Phwoar! Exploit Host Menu For PS4 Firmware 5.05

PS-Phwoar! Exploit Host Menu - An extensive collection of all the latest PS4 exploit payloads for your exploitable PS4 5.05 console.

Here is my new Host Menu based on the original PS4 home menu design. It includes all the latest payloads and an exclusive new set of Backup & Restore payloads for various parts of the PS4 system.


PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads.jpg PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 2.jpg PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 3.jpg
PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 4.jpg PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 5.jpg PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 6.jpg
PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 7.jpg PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 8.jpg PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 9.jpg
PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 10.jpg PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 11.jpg PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads 12.jpg
Main Menu Tips:
  • When the menu loads, you can just press the X button to instantly run HEN 2.1.1.
  • Press the 'R1' button to see a description of the selected payload.
  • Special Payloads like Fan Control, Firmware Spoofer and ReactPSPlus-MOD display extra information when you press 'R1' like 'Current Fan Control Temperature setting' 'Current Official and Spoofed Firmware versions' and 'Current system clock and kernel clock times'
How To Install PS-Phwoar! On Your PS4:

There are several methods to install the menu to your PS4. You can install the menu from a USB drive, from a PC, from an ESP board or from an Android device.

Install From USB:

First copy the 'PS-Phwoar.USB' file to the root of a USB drive and plug it into your PS4.

Using your existing exploit menu, use BinLoader to load the 'PS_Phwoar_Installer.bin' file on your PS4.

The PS-Phwoar! Host Menu will now be installed to your PS4 Browser and to the UserGuide.

Alternatively if you have internet access on your PS4 you can go to: to install the PS-Phwoar! Host Menu from your USB drive.

Install From A PC:

If you want to load the menu in the PS4's Browser use the 'Server For PS4 Browser.exe' and follow the instructions it tells you.

If you want to load the menu in the PS4's UserGuide use the 'Server For PS4 UserGuide.exe' and follow the instructions it tells you.

Whichever server you use, once the PS-Phwoar! Host Menu has finished installing on your PS4 you can close the server and the Host menu will then always load from your PS4's internal cache.

Before you install PS-Phwoar! on your PS4 it is advised to first clear your browser settings so that it does not interfere with any previous Host menus you have used.

To do this open the Browser app and press the options button then select: Settings > Delete Cookies > Clear Website Data.

Install From An ESP Device:

Flash the PS-Phwoar!_v1.0_ESP.bin file to your ESP8266 device using NodeMCU PyFlasher v4.0 found here:

The WiFi settings for the ESP are:
  • PASSWORD:12345678
Use either the PS4 User Guide or the PS4 Web Browser URL at:


On the PS4 go to:
  • Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi > Custom
  • Select 'PS4 ESP HOST' from the list and use the password '12345678'
  • IP Address Settings > Automatic
  • DHCP Host Name > Do Not specify
  • DNS Settings > Automatic
  • MTU Settings > Automatic
  • Proxy Server > Do Not Use
Test Internet Connection:
  • Obtain IP Address : Successful
  • Internet Connection : Failed
This is perfectly normal because you are offline when using the ESP. Press the PS button to go back to the PS4 Home Screen.

Install From An Android Device:

If you have installed xPloitServer on your phone before you must uninstall it first and also delete the xPloitServer folder from your phones storage.

1. Make sure that your PS4 and phone are connected to the same network.

2. Install and run the xPloitServer app on your phone.

3. When the app has loaded press the 'Start Server' button and enter the exact address it tells you in your PS4 browser.

4. The PS-Phwoar! Host Menu will now install on your PS4. Once it has finished installing you can close the server on your phone and from now on PS-Phwoar! will automatically load from your PS4's internal offline cache.

If you are having trouble installing the server on your phone, make sure you have allowed installing apk's from unknown sources and that you temporally disable google play protect on your phone.

Credit to @stooged for the original version of his xPloitServer.

Cheers to @DEFAULTDNB on Twitter for the heads-up earlier today! 🍻

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PS-Phwoar! Host Menu v1.0 by Leeful with Latest PS4 Exploit Payloads.jpg



Senior Member
Thanks to everyone who has commented and left feedback on my new menu. :)

@GamerX2 Thanks for thoroughly testing it and reporting bugs. I knew there might be a couple of bugs as it being the first release. I'll look into this for the next release. :)

Regarding the bluescreen issue with multitrainer, does it happen every time or did it happen just the once?

Which new tools/features do you not understand? If you press the R1 button when an item is highlighted in the menu it will show you a description of what that payload does.

@MannyMania Are you using Al Azif's DNS or are you using your ISP's default DNS? If your PS4 is connected to the internet you should always have Al Azif's DNS in your DNS settings.


@Leeful Thanks for getting back to me. The PS4 is not connected to the internet so I don't have any DNS settings. I think the problem is the bookmarks.

There is the PlayStation Official Website bookmark that I can't delete or change. It seems that is the url it tries to open when the PS4 browser is started. Is there a way to force it to use the exploit site which is cached in the PS4?

Again super work!! Thanks!!


Senior Member
@Leeful You did a great job , and the R1 feature is a good addition that's for sure, although i hope if you guys can add a more user friendly description, i mean to simplify things to the newcomers, some of the stuff we see on the scene can a bit confusing for many (they're mostly written from a dev's prospective to his fellow devs) explaining things on a more technical level.

I'm not a programmer but i got to learn few things form here and there, and it's been such a thrilling experience tbh and i'm sure there are a lot of noobs like myself who's willing to learn and expand their horizons a tiny lil bit ^_^

For example when i first jailbroke my PS4 i went through few guides that almost broke my system even though i followed these guide step by step very carefully till i hit that dead end (missing link) that the author/YouTuber failed to explain or even mention, until i found some friendly guide where he managed to fill in the gabs and blanks for me a noob (doing it for the first time) and it worked like a charm (Jailbreaking knowledge LEVEL UP+ ^_^ )

About the bluescreen, it was a one time thing i believe (to be fair it did happen to me before using other exploits on random basis, so maybe it was one of those random crashes, like when you inject hen sometimes it goes all blue during the inject or few seconds later on.

I did play some games for few hours last night and nothing happened, even though i hit Home to check and adjust the fan control again (i was expecting a blue screen tbh since i was playing a game while using Multitrainer) but nothing happened and it worked like a charm, the only noticeable bug was the back (O) button where the browser blinks rapidly whilst holding the button down to exit the menu.

I'm very grateful, you did great man, i was waiting for this for a long time, it looks neat and it has about every tool all in one place :)

Keep up the good work.

@barelynotlegal I used to do that before (using Al-azif exploit) because it stores or saves your last visited tab and once you launch the browser again it'll refresh the last tab you visited again, so if you wanna go back during gameplay to inject bin or FTP it's better to just exit to the home page first to be safe.


Senior Member
@MannyMania Have you tried holding down the circle button on the page?

Holding the circle button (not just pressing it) closes the web page that is open.


@Leeful Yes holding down the circle closes the page and brings you to the frequently used pages. When I quit the browser and open it again it goes back to the site again. When you run your browser does it open to the Ps-Phwoar menu right away?



Senior Member
@MannyMania Try this:
when the page is loaded, go to http://ps.phwoar/exploit/host/menu/index.html
in the address bar of that page. PS-Phwoar! should now load in that page. Press the PS button on your controller and the browser should close. When you open the browser again, PS-Phwoar should load instead of

@hmidsafari I'm aware of this now. Someone pointed it out to me on another forum. I'll add WebRTE V2 in the next update. :)
  • WebRTE v1.1 and WebRTE v2 are two separate things.
  • WebRTE v1.1 is for PS4Trainer and WebRTE v2 is for PS4Modding.
When I built PS-Phwoar I was not aware that the V2 existed. :)
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