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Recently developer @Aladie (Aladie11 on Twitter) made available PS-PSH on Github which is a primitive Shell Server for both PS4 and PS5 consoles using the previously released Mast1c0re PS2 Emulator Exploit. šŸŒ

Download: / PS-PSH v0.1.2 / GIT
Spoiler: Depreciated

Further PS-PSH mast1c0re telnet primitive shell server details can be found below for those in the PS4Scene and PS5Scene from the PS-PSH PS-PSH

A primitive shell server for the PS4/PS5 using the mast1c0re exploit in the PS2-Emulator.

Connecting to the Sever

The server does NOT implement the TELNET-Protocol correctly. Therefore it is recommended that you use a raw TCP connection to the server on port 9030.

Known working methods:
  • (Windows) Use "Putty" and do NOT use any specified protocols and select RAW before connecting to the server.
  • (Ubuntu) Use the the telnet command normally telnet <IP_ADDRESS> 9030
  • (MacOs) Use the the telnet command normally telnet <IP_ADDRESS> 9030
Available Commands
ls - Lists all folders and files in the current working directory
cd <Directory> - Change the current working directory
cp <Source Filepath> <Destination Filepath> - Copy a file
mv <Source Filepath> <Destination Filepath> - Move a file
rm <Filepath + Filename> - Delete a file
pwd - Print the current working directory
notification <Notification text> - Display a notification with your text
upload <Filepath + Filename> - Upload a file to the PS4/PS5 to the specified filepath
download <Filepath + Filename> - Download a file to the local machine
play <Filepath + Filename> <OPTIONAL: Config Filepath + Filename> - Play a PS2-ISO with or without a config file
exit - Terminate the server
To download a file from the server use the "PS-PSH File-Receiver"

Note: All commands requiring a filepath will also work with only a filename provided. -> The server will search for the file in the current working directory.

Known Issues/Limitations
  • You cannot write to all folders in the sandbox. -> Known and working: /av_contents/content_tmp/
  • After downloading/uploading a file and directly trying to download/upload another file can fail. -> Workaround: wait a couple of seconds
  • The server can crash after resending/restarting the server after exiting the server with the exit command -> Workaround: reopen OKAGE
Next Steps
  • (Download) Support the transmission of the filename and file extention
  • (Download) Support the transmission of multiple files (Directories)
  • Add more commands such as mkdir etc.
  • The ability to copy/move directories
Thanks to McCaulay for providing the mast1c0re *** and samples.

:arrow: And from PS-PSH File Receiver PS-PSH File-Receiver

Download: / PS-PSH File-Receiver v0.1.0 / GIT
Used to download files from the PS-PSH server.

Downloading a File

Use a GUI:
  • (GUI Windows) Download from releases. (Built with auto-py-to-exe) -> Note: The EXE maybe flagged as a false positive by your A/V
  • (GUI Mac) Download from releases. (Built with py2app and create-dmg)
Use the command prompt:
  • (Python Script) Download /src/
Either of these methods will crerate a file called PS-PSH-OUTPUT in your chosen directory.

Currently you will have to add the filename and file extention yourself.

Next Steps
  • Support the transmission of the filename and file extension
  • Support the transmission of multiple files (Directories)
  • Improve the Windows version of the GUI to eliminate false A/V positives

  • Initial release
  • The downloader now supports the transmission of filenames and file extensions. -> You have to use PS-PSH File-Receiver v0.1.1!!!
  • New command mkdir added.
  • The rm command now supports deleting directories.
  • You can now use cp and mv to copy or move directories.
    It is now possible to delete directories that are not empty. -> Use:
    rm -r <Path to directory>
  • Fixed a bug which potentially caused the server to crash when reloading the elf without restarting OKAGE.
PS-PSH PS4 PS5 Shell Server via Mast1c0re PS2 Emulator Exploit.png


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No it should be fine. I compiled it with the newest version of the ***, so it should not pop any trophies.

With that said I could not think of any way Sony would know that you are "exploiting" a PS2 game.