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Proceeding his Wild Gunman Remake 35th Anniversary Homebrew PS4 PKG release a few weeks back, PlayStation 4 developer @Lapy returns via Twitter with a PS Scene Quiz 1.00 PS4 PKG game for PS4 homebrew enthusiasts! :love:

Download: PS Scene Quiz 1.00 PS4 - Lapy.rar (247.3 MB) / ED1234-LAPY10010_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (239.38 MB - For 4.05 Firmware via zecoxao) / PS Scene Quiz 1.00 PSVita - Lapy.rar (82.41 MB) / Scene Quiz Source Code.rar (48.25 MB) / PS Scene Quiz 1.01 PS4 - Lapy.rar (247.3 MB) / PS Scene Quiz Windows - Lapy.rar (47.95 MB)

In the Tweets below, he also notes a PS Vita version will arrive tomorrow if all goes well.

PlayStation Scene Quiz by Lapy (PlayStation Vita Homebrew) via MasterTurkey
PS Scene Quiz 1.00 PS4 PKG Homebrew Game by Lapy05575948.jpg



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I got an idea: instead of developing corny stuff like this, can we get Linux working on all PS4 models? Surely, this would be a better appropriation of time and resources.


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Why do not you do it yourself, come on, go study and discover something for FW greater than 5.05 and then publish it. Come on wise, do it yourself and stop coming to insult those who share your work. If you are so desperate you go and buy the games, spend your money and shut your snout.
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