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Following the CardUnlock.vpk and VitaShellMod 1.61 release, today PlayStation Vita developer @zecoxao shared an IDStorage Dumper Plugin for PS Vita on Twitter alongside adding some IDPS Samples for all models to the Wiki for other devs to examine. (y)

Download: idstorage_dumper.7z (2.82 KB)

He states to place the user and kernel mode plugins on ux0:tai and add the suprx to any titleid, noting it'll dump the idstorage leafs to ux0:dump. there are 128 (0x80) leafs in total.

To quote: PS Vita IDPS Samples
  • 00 00 00 01 01 07 00 18 0C 02 XX XX XX XX XX XX (From my Slim 2000, with minimum FW 3.50, denotes Target ID 0x0107, Model Revision 0x0018 and Chassis Check 0x0C02 (3) )
  • 00 00 00 01 01 01 00 10 04 00 XX XX XX XX XX XX (From a DevKit 1000, with minimum FW 1.03, denotes Target ID 0x0101, Model Revision 0x0010 and Chassis Check 0x0400 (1) )
  • 00 00 00 01 01 05 00 10 0C 08 XX XX XX XX XX XX (From a Fat 1100, with minimum FW 1.06, denotes Target ID 0x0105, Model Revision 0x0010 and Chassis Check 0x0C08 (3) )
  • 00 00 00 01 01 02 00 10 0C 00 XX XX XX XX XX XX (From a Testkit 1000, with minimum FW 1.66, denotes Target ID 0x0102, Model Revision 0x0010 and Chassis Check 0x0C00 (3) )
  • 00 00 00 01 01 07 02 01 0C 00 XX XX XX XX XX XX (From a PSTV, with minimum FW 3.20, denotes target ID 0x107, Model Revision 0x0201 and Chassis Check 0x0C00(3))
PS Vita IDStorage Dumper Plugin and PlayStation Vita IDPS Samples.jpg



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Agreed, however it may be quite some time before the PS4 gets a public kernel exploit so the only option is to move on until the next big thing happens in the scene. :nolove:
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