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PS Vita News       Thread starter misiozol       Start date Feb 1, 2016 at 2:39 PM       5      
Last year a PS Vita Prototype demonstration video surfaced and disappeared, and now it has since resurfaced on YouTube from with pictures below.

From the video's caption: Thanks to my friend for the video of this rare machine. It uses full size SD cards instead the expensive and intentionally proprietary Sony memory cards that helped doom this system.

Many great features were removed because they wanted to limit the consumer to their proprietary accessories.

From comes some additional details below, to quote:



The Video also shows that the PS Vite prototype uses SD Card instead of Sony’s proprietary memory cards. Sony coming up with yet another proprietary format for the PS Vita, which wasn't compatible with their former Memory Stick format, contributed to the poor sales of the PS Vita in my opinion.

At this point it almost looks like the retail Vita is a crippled version, compared to the prototype.


There's also a bunch of pretty cool leds on the prototype, probably used to debug the booting and power sequence. Yes, the blue/orange led we have today is probably cooler and more “end user” friendly, but I love how all the test leds light like a Christmas tree during the power sequence.


From the software perspective, no surprise here, the video shows the infamous “package installer” (which we revealed on several years ago), and the fact that the console is running an early firmware revision, version 0.990.



Last but not least, the video shows that the PS Vita prototype has an HDMI output built in, a feature that probably contributed to many rumors about the PS Vita’s “mystery port”.




All things said , I would not mind being a CEO of Big $ , they have really cool toys and nearly unlimited funds , makes me wonder how many skeletons they have hidden in their warehouses :)
Until this Vita gets banned from PSN, it seems it is worth the $$$. Updating the firmware would ban the console as it could detect modified memory which is against the ToS as it would allow backups