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While we're still adding new VPK files to the VPK Mirror list and VPK Showcase, today PlayStation Vita developer Silica (YouTube Channel) made available PKG Installer 2.0 alongside a video tutorial for installing Package files and activating the Debug Utility on PS Vita. :D

Meanwhile PSVita developers zecoxao updated VitaDump and ooPo shared a VitaToolchain script to autobuild a homebrew PS Vita toolchain.

Download: VitaDump v1.0.0 Source code (zip) / VitaDump v1.0.0 Source code (tar.gz) / VitaDump GIT / / VitaToolchain GIT / PKG_Installer.vpk (151 KB) / PKG_Installer.vpk (Mirror) / PKGInstaller_2.0_Setup.exe (9 MB) / PKGInstaller_2.0_Setup.exe (Mirror) / PS Vita PKG Files / PS Vita PKGs (Archive) / Apps / Demo PKG's (Archive) / Beta games + vpk.7z / (3.1 MB) / PKG Installer Mod.7z (316.79 KB) / PKGInstallerLauncher.vpk

SKGleba via made available an uxPKGinstaller to install packages from ux0 with details below, to quote:

Download: uxpkginstaller.vpk (523 KB) / Update / Patch for TestKit Mod / (Producting Mode manufacturing_mode enabler/disabler for PSP2 Dolce and Vita) / GIT

Hi guys, i was bored so i made a mod of original pkg installer. Simply install vpk and start&close - installation process finished :)

To install a pkg, simply put it in ux0:/dlpackage and install via pkginstaller. NO TESTKIT MOD NEEDED

PS. For testkit mod users- I released the testkit mod update, and this pkginstaller will be auto installed/swapped with original
EDIT2: This app is standalone, u can have the original pkginstaller installed and this one (app id: SKGPKG1N5)

He also released MiniSpoofer 02 with details below, to quote:

Hi guys, i was bored so i decided to cut some code of MoD (tool used by me to test hbs) and make a standalone app.

This mod allows u to use debug functions (i.e Multi Acc,Debug Settings) without need to modify alot of sys files (its a bare-bone testkit spoof+some add. modules--all plugin/retail things works 100% ). Its also lightweight and fast -- vpk is 3.22mb

Download: MiniSpoofer2.vpk (3.2 MB)

This app has got two (four) buttons -- Start spoof&Stop spoof. To enable simply Start Spoof , wait a while--it will freeze&auto exit, reboot, the mod is installed. To disable simply Stop Spoof, and reboot.

If u get error - do it again, if error again- rewrite bootconfig in enso and reboot&try again. If u have a red watermark- reboot (it may take few reboots til it hides -- if still-- DONT stop spoof, just click on StartSpoof again). ENJOY!

PS Vita Retail to PS Vita Testkit with Testkit Deluxe Installer v2 ! (Debug Settings,etc...)

MiniSpoofer 02.jpg

Homebrew developer SKGleba released sa0tour0 to "safely" mod contents of sa0 (i.e fonts) with details below, to quote:

Download: sa0tour0.vpk (1.10 MB)

Hi guys i was bored and saw some ppl complaining about that the fw reinstall dont restore sa0, so modding sa0 is dangerous. So i made a small [1.11MB] mod to redirect sa0 reqs to ur0/ux0. Currently moved fonts (both pvf and pgf) , dictionaries and hwr (handwriting) files (so basically all). And important apps (i.e safemode) use these in sa0. Useful for fonts testing.

  • Copy sa0:/data to desired location (i.e to ux0 so it will be ux0:/data)
  • Install vpk
  • Choose Install patch
  • Choose your desired location
  • The app will close automatically
  • Reboot
  • Uninstall via menu
  • Reboot
If you receive an error while switching just try again, if still-try other option. If you have a bootloop from i.e incompatible plugin just reinstall fw via safemode (the original sa0 is untouched so u can normally reinstall fw) Also compatible with psTV.

Finally, from SKGleba on comes a PKGInstaller Launcher to install PKGs from a desired partition, to quote:

Hi guys , i was bored (waiting for vita mobo) so i made a launcher for PKGInstaller mods which allows you to choose location from which u want to install pkg ( i.e uma0:/packages). Simply start the launcher and choose the location where pkgs are.

Download: PKGInstallerLauncher.vpk (2.5 MB) / / PKGInstallerLauncher.vpk

Available locations:
  • host0:/package // imc0:/packages on psTV
  • ux0:/dlpackage
  • uma0:/packages
  • ur0:/dlpackage
In theory the usbhostfs plugin is loaded when starting host0 pkginstaller (no need for it in config.txt) but it may fail to load, so better to have it loaded before. Report bugs. Enjoy.
Download: / GIT

From the, to quote: DEX Activation and spoof patcher.

You only need vitasdk to build it. Works on fw 3.60 and 3.61 , for higher fws you need to change offsets. This code is a MOD of zecoxao's memdump-spoof-devkit.

IDFK why it works like this. Basically if you spoof TOOL before DEX the activation changes to +3227 days. My guess is that its somehow related to sceRtc & SceSblSsMgr.

So i wanted to make a light devkit spoofer to load before testkit spoof,but it always fully spoofed devkit, then i made some mistakes in the code, but it worked x). If you add "mdmp();" it will be a normal, working spoofer. You can change the spoofed model/device by editing the 4th value in dcd[].

  • Zecoxao - for memdump-spoof.
  • YifanLu - As mentioned in original credits - for mmu_dump.
  • Team Molecule - for henkaku, taihen, and enso.
  • Anonymous - As mentioned in original credits - for precious info.
PKGInstaller Launcher.jpg

PKGInstaller Launcher 2.jpg

PKG Package Installer 2.0.jpg
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If you're seeking a file listed in the OP let me know specifically which file name and I'll check my archives for it.
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