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Today Sony's Social Media Director Sid Shuman shared a PlayStation VR unboxing video demo for those planning to take the plunge into PS VR (virtual reality) gaming this coming month! :cool:

To quote: Now that we’re just two weeks away from the nationwide launch of PlayStation VR, I wanted to give you a look at what’s inside the Core package.

In the U.S. and Canada, the Core bundle will come with the PS VR headset and processor unit, wired stereo headphones, all required cabling and the PS VR Demo Disc, which contains 18 sweet demos — some of my favorites include Here They Lie and Battlezone, but try ‘em all and let me know your top pick.

If you missed out on pre-orders, the PS VR Core package will be also available at participating retailers nationwide on launch day, October 13.

Until then, you can always try out PS VR for yourself at hundreds of retail stores. Click here for the closest retailer near you.
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I was one of the lucky ones that were able to get the pre order in 2 of these. I already sold one for the cost of both preorders and the cost of the other VR. Now let this be a lesson for others. People will pay about anything to have the newest stuff so if you are willing to risk it you can end up making good on things.

Take me for example. Every year a new thing comes out for gaming system I buy no less than 2 of that system and keep one and sell the other at a profit. That was the same with the VR head set. I got 2 preorders and sold one preorder for 600 dollars. Thr cost of both preorders and the cost of one of the VR sets. So I got the one I'll keep for free and made a couple of dollars off of one. Take time folks and think about things and you can come out ahead of it and make money. But you have to risk sometimes. Thabks all and happy testing.

Also you can make a lot of money off of this if you don't care about waiting for the newest stuff for a little longer. I can sell the other preorder for another 600 and make 1200 off of it and then wait into the stores get more in and buy it or wait into they go down in price and buy one then. But it's to bad I have 2 kids that want one of these so I eill be keeping it. Thanks all.

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