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Following the PS4 Serial and Flash Pinouts, PS4 UART Enabler and PS4 4.05 Debug Settings and UART Output this past weekend, today PlayStation 4 modder ImJtagModz (YouTube) made available UART Ground Wire and Uart0 TX pinouts for a SAC-001 Motherboard alongside a Windows tool called PS Watson (PSWatson.exe) to view your PS4 console's UART output. :geek:

PS Watson PS4 UART Output Viewer and PS4 4.05 UART Demo Video 2.jpgDownload: PSWatson.exe (578 KB) / Solderless_UART_by_Centrino.pdf (928 KB) by Centrino

In related news, PlayStation 4 modder and YouTube extraordinaire Blasts Mods (YouTube) who helped with the PS4 Advanced Warfare Mod Menu shared a brief UART on PS4 4.05 demonstration video for those interested.

Check out the related Tweets with pictures and the 4.05 PS4 UART demo video below! :D

Jailbreaking Your PlayStation 4 With Just A DNS IP: - No Computers! (PS4 Jailbreak)
UART Enabler for 4.55 :openedeyewink:
*(char *)(kernel_base + 0x1997BC8) = 0;
Cheers to both @prreis and @xxmcvapourxx for the news tips earlier today in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :bananaman13:
PS Watson PS4 UART Output Viewer and PS4 4.05 UART Demo Video.jpg



Does it mean that it will be easier than before to dump files and make some changes directly to mainboard of ps4? Sounds like a cfw is becoming more and more a reality than just a dream !! At least, I hope so !!!
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