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Following the PS2 Fake PKG Generator for PS4, PS2 PS4 PKGs Guide, PS2 ELF Loader for PS4 and his recent PARAM.SFO Editor updates today PlayStation 4 developer xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx (aka @TheDarkprograme) made available a PS2 Classics GUI to convert PS2 ISO files to PS4 PKG files with details below. :D

Download: (Latest) / GIT / Trello

To quote from TheDarkprogramer: Hi Guys

Here is another release

this will convert PS2 iso's into PS4 pkg's

Simply give it a PS2 iso

then give it a Content ID (Must be in format TTTTNNNN) T = Text N = Number

and give it a title

enjoy and keep it retro

Special Thanks to @cfwprophet and wildcard for there help in supplying info to get this project done

Download: Make_FSELF_GUI_v1.3.rar / GIT
  • Changed to make_fself.exe from XDPx
  • Added a Clear Settings Function.

:arrow: PS2 Classics Gui V1

Here is the latest Release of PS2 Classics hope you guys enjoy

When Extracted Please Run "PS4 PS2 Classics GUI.application"
this will install the base version all other versions will be updated via click once

  • Temp Directory Change from settings
  • Advanced window (just debug output from what i do in the application)
  • Multiple ISO Support
  • Custom Ps2 Config
  • Removed some unused code (commented out for now will remove in a new release)

How to Use PS2 Classics Gui V0.2 by seanp2500
PS4 Jailbreak PS2 Classics Gui V1
How To Create PS2 PKG Files for PS4 (PS2 Classics)
Download: PS4 PS2 Classics Release (AppVoyer) / GIT
:arrow: Update: @JabuPL also shared via his YouTube Channel a similar PS2 iSO conversion utility following PSX FPKG v0.2 dubbed PS2 FPKG v0.2 with a demonstration video and revisions including PSX-FPKG v0.3 below:

Download: PSX-FPKG_v02.7z (7.78 MB) / PSX-FPKG_v0.3.7z (29.3 MB) / PS2-FPKG_v0.2.7z (9.32 MB) / PS2-FPKG_v0.3.7z (9.61 MB) / PS2-FPKG v0.6.7z (14.07 MB) / (74.77 MB - includes emus) via grabman4

From the included ReadMe.txt file: PS2-FPKG v0.2 by Jabu

This app convert PS2 ISO games to fPKG which can be installed directly on PS4.

How to use:

1. Run PS2-FPKG.exe
2. Select the ISO of the PS2 game in "Disc1"
3. Click "Create fPKG" and choose a storage location
4. Install created fPKG on PS4 and play

Optionally you can:
  • change the game icon (Icon),
  • change background graphic when starting the game (Bg),
  • create a multi-disc game (up to 5 iso)
  • add your own config txt,
  • add your own config lua,
  • select the emulator to be used by the game (by default there are 2 known to be most compatible, you can throw more here)
Program automatically adds configs txt (config-emu-ps4.txt), ps3 (gameid_lopnor.cfgbin), lua (gameid_config.lua) if they exist in the application database.
Yes, this application comes with unique ready to go PS2 game configs that will be added automatically!

Known bugs:
  • When choosing some iso files, the program may hang temporarily (in very rare cases even for more than 1 minute). It is looking for the game ID, just wait, it will unhang itself (fix is planned for this).
  • Few games not follow SYSTEM.CNF standard layout, for this games app will fail to find ID (WRC4, some PS2 Demodiscs, homebrew made isos)
  • If program has any problems with creating fPKG, you can try to run it as an administrator, it should help.
How to add more emulators:

Put the folder with emulator files into the "emus" folder, restart ps2-fpkg, new emulators should show up on the list, that's all.

A short demonstration of the program operation can be seen here:

PS2-FPKG - Test
Fast Forward Feature Showcase
Files used:
Used programs:

BIG Thanks to Kozarovv for help, and suggestions. Zar for his ps3 configs database. Veritas83 for PS2 GAMEID TITLE database.

Spoiler: Changelog

Download: PSX-FPKG_v0.3.7z (29.3 MB)

From the included ReadMe.txt: PSX-FPKG v0.3 by Jabu

This tool can convert ps1 .bin's into PS4 FPKGs. Now using the new PS-Plus PS1 emulator, which has better game compatibility and more features like save-states and a gameplay rewind feature.

The emulator should work on fw 5.05 and up (I personally tested it on 9.00 only).
Games using libccrypt should work too, if a game uses it a message will be displayed when converting the game.

How to use:

1. Select a ps1 disc image cue sheet(a .cue file)
2. Customize the Title/Icon/Splash/Config/Etc
3. Press "Create fPKG"
4. Install the pkg on your ps4 and play!

Things to Note:
  • Press the Options button in-game to display a menu, from there you can use savestates, change the display options or rewind your gameplay
  • Games that use multiple .bin files are supported
  • Games using CDDA music should work too
  • Libcrypt support has been added too, tested on the PAL version of Soul Raver
  • "Emulate Analog Stick" will map the dpad to the analog stick for games that support only the Digital Controller, don't check this option if the game supports Dualshock controllers.
  • Force 60hz will force game (mainly from the PAL region) to run in 60hz instead of 50hz
  • When testing various pkgs of the same game with different txt configs make sure to delete the Application Data from the games Save File, if you dont do this the new config settings won't work because they're stored on first boot in the Application Data. eg. You install a fpkg of EarthWorm Jim 2 without any addional settings enabled, and then install the same game with "Skip Bootlogo" option enabled, the changes won't take effect until you delete the Aplication Data from the Save File, because the old txt config is still in the games save data.


  • now using the new psplus ps1 emulator
  • everything was rewritten from scratch
  • notable new features:
    • added auto game id detection
    • added auto libcrypt detection and support
    • added .toc generation, so games that use cdda have now working music
    • added "Simulate Analog Sticks" checkbox, that adds support for analog stick to older games that dindn't support them
    • added a "Skip Bootlogo" option that skips the Sony/Playstation logos
    • added a "Force 60hz" option
    • the app will now automatically merge game images with multiple bin files
    • other stuff I forgot about
  • added 5.05 support
  • fixed a typo
  • initial release
Stuff used:
Super Thanks to CyB1K for the emulator release and backport
Thanks to goatman13 and Arczi for support.
Creating a PS2 FPKG from a dumped Classic


Fake_PKG_GeneratorPS2 (psxhax)

Path dumps via FTP (or alternatively the regular app dumper method)
/user/trophy/conf/NPWRXXXXX (trophy file here should be renamed to trophy00.trp, the name is found on npbind.dat, appmeta) (NPWRXXXXX)
/mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAXXXXX-app0-patch0-union(dump of the game's contents, missing trophies and app meta, must be done with DECRYPT enabled)
/system_data/priv/appmeta/CUSAXXXXX/(app meta files)
/user/appmeta/CUSAXXXXX(app meta files, backup)

Discarded from sce_sys (app meta junk)
Trophy gets renamed to trophy00.trp and sent to trophy folder on sce_sys

Default Values of "auth-info" & "paid" for PS2 classic Game Binaries:

auth-info eboot.bin
paid eboot.bin 0x34000003ACC21BC0

auth-info ps2-emu-compiler.self
paid ps2-emu-compiler.self 0x34000003ACC21BC0

auth-info prx
paid prx 0x35000003ACC21BC0

auth-info YYXX
paid XXYY
1B C0
C0 1B
To find xxxx value:
  • take the game ID
  • example with CUSA07104
  • Convert the value from DEC to HEX
  • 07104 dec 1BC0 hex
  • Reverse hex value endianess
  • 1B C0 C01B
  • Replace xxxx by the C01B
Encrypt file using script:
Code: --auth-info ....... --paid ....... "ps2-emu-compiler.elf" "ps2-emu-compiler.self"
PS2 Classics GUI Convert PS2 ISO to PS4 PKG by TheDarkprogramer.png



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Anybody test Klonoa 2 to see if it is fully playable ?

And they should create new GUI to convert PS1 and PS3 games for PS4 as well. :)
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