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PS3 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Nov 2, 2016 at 12:29 AM       53      
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Back in April we saw their last update, and today the influx of PS3 4.81 CFW's continues with through release of Ferrox 4.81 Standard Edition Custom Firmware by @Alexanderss followed by version 1.01 with complete details and changelog below! :cool:

Download: FERROXCEX481.PUP (195.39 MB)
Mirror: Mega - Custom Firmware FERROX 4.81 Standard CEX (195.39 MB) / CEXFERROX481_1.1.PUP (198.0 MB)

v1.00 PUP MD5: 022566210d679a73cb0786e4171e140e
v1.01 PUP MD5: a44ba5519b4ec2c41f4281b91460940f

Below are the changes, roughly translated from LizZo to quote: Custom Firmware FERROX 4.81 Standard Edition

Punctual as always !! A few hours later by the release of the Original Firmware 4.81 for PS3, we have good news!

Our friend and Developer Alexander has mesa immediately to 'work, to give us a new FERROX! The good FERROX we know him well, pretty much took the place of the old Rogero, and it went far beyond that.

Lately, even the FERROX is evolving. We have seen in the version 4.80 a restyling, with some really nice graphic Mod, made by our MiZiO90. In addition to this, we had the pleasure to introduce COBRA version of FERROX.

The news there this time either !! In fact, we thought we'd give you some new things. The FERROX 4.81 will give more satisfaction, in fact there will be a 'clean' version, that is, with the classic Install Package Files, and without Mod Graphics.

In addition to this, there will also be the version Mod, with graphics, etc. Package Manager. such as version 4.80. But we do not stop here! There will be fat surprises later! But this is no surprise that we will enjoy later :bananaman:

  • Built on the basis of 'OFW 4.81 SONY.
  • PSN / SEN Enabled.
  • Update from any possibility of CFW (CEX).
  • Ability to Upgrade from OFW 3.55.
  • Ability to Downgrade from any CFW with QA active Flags.
  • QA Flags active if previously enabled.
  • VERSION FERROX MOD - New look of the XMB (See below).
  • VERSION FERROX MOD - Introduced 'CyberModding HomebrewStore' the web column.
  • FEATURE - Compatibility PS2 games.
  • FEATURE - Compatibility with the 'latest version of ReactPSN.
  • FEATURE - RSOD Bypass Screen Console sufferers RSOD.
  • FEATURE - 4.81 Key to start games signed with 4.81 keys.
  • FEATURE - app_home / PS3_GAME.
  • FEATURE - XMB Support In-Game Screenshots.
  • FEATURE - Support Remote Play.
  • FEATURE - Integrated Package Manager, replaces the classic Install Package Files.
  • PATCH - LV1: Patched to remove the LV2 protection.
  • PATCH - LV1: Patched the CoreOS Hash Check to prevent Brick Console Downgraded non-Dehashed.
  • PATCH - LV1: Peek & Poke.
  • PATCH - LV2: Peek & Poke.
  • PATCH - PS3 BT Remote Patch.
  • PATCH - PS3 BluRay Disc Patch.
  • PATCH - Disabled Epilepsy Message to Boot.
  • PATCH - Disabled Cinavia protection.
  • Download the CFW at the top. Rename the File .pup exactly: PS3UPDAT.PUP and confirm the MD5 with what you find at the top! You can use the Tool md5sums.
  • Take a USB FAT32 formatted, and create a new folder called PS3, inside this create another 'other still called UPDATE, and inside latter' inseriteci the PS3UPDAT.PUP File, which would be the custom firmware.
  • Insert the USB in the far right of the PS3 port.
  • Be sure to: Remove any disc from the player Ps3, Remove any games loaded with any Manager, Disable Internet Connection.
  • Ok. You can choose to install the CFW from the XMB or from Recovery.
  • On the XMB will just go into 'Settings' column, then 'System Upgrade' and choose 'With storage media'. Select the CFW and will start the process.
  • To enter Recovery Instead, turn off the console. Turn it back on by holding down the Power button until the console is turned off again. Now turn it back on by holding down the Power button until you hear two beeps very close. Then release the Power button! Recovery time from the menu, select 'System Update' and follow the instructions.
  • For a clean installation, you can install 2 times the CFW. You can also go back into Recovery and click Options for Rebuilding the Database and Restore the System File. So you'll have a setup more than clean and safe.
  • CECH G04 - LIZZO
  • CECH 2104A - LIZZO
  • CECH 2004b - Red Dead
  • CECH 2504B - Red Dead
CFW is stable, as always!


At the time of writing this post there are no Homebrew Compatible with CFW 4.81. We should wait for the release by higher Dev scene. So for the moment, you can use the FERROX 4.81 to Play Online with your Disk Games.

:alert: CAUTION!! By installing this custom firmware, for now you will not have the opportunity to play with your backup as mentioned. There are applications and Backup Manager Compatible with CFW 4.81, but it will come soon.

If you have games on disk and you want to play and go online, use PSNPatch !!! PSNPatch is an application to mask the CFW, and is compatible with all CFW 4.xx. SEN Enabler for now is not compatible with 4.81, your only choice when to NOT be Banned Online, is precisely PSNPatch.

So first of all initiated PSNPatch and press X at the main menu. After that enter the game and start it.

Currently, the developer Alexander is working on FERROX COBRA. So just for now we have the clean version of FERROX. For the version with Mod Graphics, we will have to wait a few hours. Do not worry, everything will come as soon as possible :)

Update: From LizZo comes the changes in CFW 4.81 FERROX CEX v1.01, roughly translated to quote:

  • Added PKG Graphics Mod Installer of the custom firmware. To install, go to the Package Manager - Install Package Files - Internal Package Folder
  • Added Package Manager instead of the classic Install Package Files.
Custom Firmware FERROX 4.81 Standard Edition.png


Yes is a ps3 slim OFW 4.81 CECH-2501A i try with both files and it does't work
Yes, but you cannot be install the custom firmware = CFW, mean sony has patched was in 3.56 and higher fimware version.

You need to buy the E3 Flasher, where search from PS3 Downgrader or e3 flasher. If you bought it, please tell me, i will help to you!

I saw your PS3 Slim Model is CECH-2501A, Please visit to here
Do not recommend E3 as it's garbage and most problematic solution , best way is to buy teensy2.0++ open source. One more thing not all consoles 2501 can be done , he needs to use Minverchk to see if it can be downgraded below 3.55 or data code is lower than 0D.
Question _ So this is CFW has sen enabled. Does that mean i can just hit sign in and start playing? I don't have to use any spoofer? Do i still need to use psninja? Im Kinda new to all this jazz :X3:
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