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Shortly following the Ps3Xploit CFW from 4.82 OFW with NOR/NAND Software Flash Writer & NOR Dumper release and his previous blog update, today Zer0xFF shared a guide to PS3 CFW on the latest OFW 4.82 Official Firmware on his blog for those having trouble getting it working on their PlayStation 3 console. :confused:

To quote from his Blog: PS3 CFW on Latest OFW 4.82

So not too long ago we've heard that @esc0rtd3w was working on a new PS3 hack and he was initially planning to release it on Christmas, but due to a leak he decided to move the release date, and today was the lucky day.

Quick history about myself and PS3, I got my PS3 of a friend for 25 euros well into it lifecycle, probably just before or around the launch of the PS4 as such I missed everything that happened within the scene, to add to that the console was one of the non-hackable slim, so that kept me out of the scene. but not too long ago, another friend was moving places and I was helping him move, had a PS3 with a broken BD that he decided to pass my way, it can be hacked but I had no need for it, nor did I want to pay someone to do it for me, so it stayed under my bed, well, until this morning.

To be honest, I've had trouble applying this hack for various reasons so I've decided to post a blog about it to help anyone who'd like to use this new exploit to hack thier PS3.

To start, you need to verify your console is hackable, all phat models can be hacked, some slim models can, while none of the super slim can be hacked. You can check model number to verify, or you can download this MinVerChk.rar (Link obtained from PSX-PLACE website).

  1. download MinVerChk.rar
  2. unrar MinVerChk.rar
  3. copy PS3UPDAT.PUP to usb stick into folders /PS3/UPDATE/
  4. plug that usb into your PS3 and try to update it, but use Via Storage option
  5. this should give you a message saying can't downgrade below a specific FW
  6. if it says 3.55 or below you're good to continue, else your PS3 isn't hackable
    • if your PS3 isn't hackable, don't fret, @esc0rtd3w said there are other goodies coming along as well, so wait and see, but don't update beyond 4.82 as Sony might patch this by then.

If you made it this far, I'm gonna assume your mincheck passed, so it's time for a disclaimer, the following steps could potentially result in a brick even if you follow these steps as mentioned, but to minimise that chance, read carefully.

What will you need?
  • NAND/NOR Writer for 4.82 which you can find @PSX-PLACE (Please ignore the dumper, it's not needed)
  • PS3 CFW 4.82, FERROX, at the time of writing thats the only one I could find
  • A USB Flash drive formatted as FAT32 (no need to format it, if the format is correct)
  1. Your PS3 needs to be on OFW 4.82, so use network update and update the PS3 (Ideally you'd use the usb method to update, as new FW could and will eventually be on the network which will block this method)
  2. Inside NOR_NAND_writer_release_1.0_PS3Xploit/hex-482--COPY-TO-USB-ONLY-IF-482-FIRMWARE-OR-WILL-SOFTBRICK you'll find flsh.hex copy that to the usb stick (DONT put it inside any folder)(it's been reported that someone copy their dump instead of the attached flsh.hex and bricked their console, so I'll repeat this COPY THE ATTACHED flsh.hex thats inside NOR_NAND_writer_release_1.0_PS3Xploit/hex-482--COPY-TO-USB-ONLY-IF-482-FIRMWARE-OR-WILL-SOFTBRICK) then plug that USB into the right port of the PS3
  3. Now you'd need to start server for the exploit
    • Linux/OSX users:
      • open terminal
      • cd /path/to/NOR_NAND_writer_release_1.0_PS3Xploit
      • python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
    • Windows Users: run the provided miniweb.exe
      • I've been told you'd need to create a folder called htdocs beside miniweb.exe and copy the *.js and *.html files to it
  4. Get the server IP address
    • Linux/OSX users: ifconfig should point to the address
    • Windows Users: your IP address should have been displayed by the miniweb.exe
  5. On the PS3 open your browser and point it to the IP address of your server and the correct html file
  6. If you've done everything correctly, you should get a page with plenty of warnings, read carefully.
  7. Click Write to flash memory and wait for the exploit to trigger, if everything was successful, your PS3 should shutdown
    • if it fails, it will retry 10 more times after which it will prompt you to refresh your browser, if you get this do just that.
    • if after 5 minutes of failed attempt it wont trigger, restart the PS3 and repeat step 5
    • if the exploit triggers and fails, it might cause cause a freeze, wait 2 mins if its still frozen, hard restart the PS3
      • if the PS3 keeps on freezing you can try this as this helped me get it to trigger every time
        • open the *-482.html in texteditor
        • scroll to about line 204
        • find this setTimeout(trigger,500,jump_1_addr); and replace with this trigger(jump_1_addr);
        • save and go back to your PS3 browser, refresh and see if this helps
  8. Now it's time to install CFW you downloaded earlier
    • copy the CFW pup file to your USB stick /PS3/UPDATE/ and make sure to name the pup to PS3UPDAT.PUP
    • go to the PS3 system update menu and choose to update via storage media
    • once the update is complete you'd be running PS3 with CFW!!!!
:arrow: Please use the ongoing PS3Xploit 4.82 CFW on OFW, NOR / NAND Flash Writer & NOR Dumper for related discussion and further help in getting it working on your PS3 console! :)
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