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Following his PS3 CFW SPY 4.81 CEX, PS3 CFW SPY 4.81 Cobra 7.3 CEX and recent 4.82 PS3 OFW release, today PlayStation 3 developer @darekspy shared a YouTube video demo of his latest PS3 CFW SPY 4.82 CEX update followed by a release of CFW SPY 4.82 COBRA 7.53 with details below.

As always we'll add a PUP download link once one is available from DarekSpy, but until then check out the PS3 CFW SPY 4.82 (No Cobra) CEX Update and demonstration video below. :)

From the video's caption, roughly translated: :alert: Software in the test phase, software at this time does not start the game with PS2, the video specifically shows the firing of the game in iso to see it iso also works :) you install at your own risk ;)

Download: 482_SPY_COBRA_753_PS3UPDAT.PUP (195.8 MB)

PUP MD5: 9a560b3eb433195e1680654944d8f5c4

Tested on PS3 Models: CECH 2103A, 2504B, 2104B, 2004B
PS3 CFW SPY 4.82 (No Cobra) CEX Demo & Cobra 7.53 Update by DarekSpy.jpg

PS3 CFW SPY 4.82 (No Cobra) CEX Demo & Cobra 7.53 Update by DarekSpy 2.jpg
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