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If you're using PS3 Game Injection Methods on Official Firmware (OFW) then you may want to check out PS3 Convert & Inject v1 for game injecting by PlayStation 3 developer @SvenGDK. (y)

Download: PS3ConvertAndInject_v1.7z (453 KB) / PS3ConvertAndInject_v1.1.7z (463 KB) / PS3ConvertAndInject_v1.2.7z (622 KB)

He's on Twitter, and to quote from his official Site: Looks like I missed the backup injection method in the last months... Created my own tool which covers the most steps :)

PS3 Convert & Inject v1 is now available. Feel free to try it out!

Release notes v1:
  • Convert multiple PS3 games at once
  • Creates and manages game folders auto. (renaming BLES->NPEA ..)
  • Find Updates on
  • Extract .pkg files
  • Create an entire new backup with selected games
  • Inject games to your existing backup
  • Creates dev_hdd0 at games folder to save space or creates an entire new working directory
Little how-to:
  • Create a backup on your ps3 with the backup utility and copy it to your pc
  • Select your folder with your normal ps3 backups (unpacked)
  • Select on the list which games should be converted & wait
  • For each game you have to find an update (Please note max. 4.70! Check other tools/websites for game updates too!)
  • Extract the downloaded .pkg files and copy/move the BLESxxxxx/BLUSxxxxx folder to your ps3 backups folder (selected in the second step)
  • Now, for each extracted folder copy the EBOOT.BIN file from PKG/USRDIR/ to your converted game NPXX/USRDIR/
  • Your games are now ready to be injected into a backup
  • Now go to Backup Manager and select your ps3 backup folder from the first step and your ps3 backups folder containing the NPEB/NPEA/.. & BLES/BLUS/... folders
  • The list will load and can also contain unconverted games, so please look at the paths or create an extra directory for the converted games
  • Select which games should be injected (SELECT ALSO THE UPDATE FOLDERS BLES/BLUS/... !!!)
  • Click on Inject and relax. Depending on your system and game size this can take a while...
  • After injection you can copy the ps3 backup folder to a FAT32 drive and restore it. (PS3/EXPORT/BACKUP)
Upcoming in v1.1:
  • German & French translations
  • Automatically extract update .pkg file -> move/copy folder to game backups-> copy EBOOT.BIN to right game directory
  • Bugfixes
Thanks to:

PS3 Convert & Inject v1 for PlayStation 3 Game Injecting by SvenGDK 2.png PS3 Convert & Inject v1 for PlayStation 3 Game Injecting by SvenGDK 3.png PS3 Convert & Inject v1 for PlayStation 3 Game Injecting by SvenGDK 4.png
Changelogs v1.1:
  • Settings: German & French Language
  • Settings: Warnings (after conversion) if the game requires an 'Exclusive Method' with required informations
  • UI: Game Title now shows up in the Backup Manager
  • Fix: While converting games, the correct Game ID will be shown (After the first game it did show the converted name)
Changelogs v1.2:
  • UI: Exclusive Method Assistant (Also now provides help in german and french)
  • Settings: Italian (by Checcolin80) & Russian (by xetrin) Language
  • Settings: Enable 4.81 Methods (more in next update, sources below)
  • Game Updates: Added and
  • Converter: Now loads NPXX12345 folders too. Game will probably not be converted but opens the Exclusive Method Assistant if necessary.
Cheers to tralala for the heads-up on the news! :cool:
PS3 Convert & Inject v1 for PlayStation 3 Game Injecting by SvenGDK.png


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