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PS3 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Jan 19, 2017 at 12:57 AM       16      
Following @Mathieulh's PS3 CP Exploit and PSA alongside Team Rebug's Rebug DECR LE CFW, today PlayStation 3 developer @Joonie confirmed he was able to successfully downgrade his PS3 DECR 0.85.010 (Reference Tool) console with some pictures of the early v0.85 XMB from both Joonie86 and Mathieulh on Twitter below. (y)

Download: ebootrom.085.010 (47.78 MB) / From
Boot Loader SE Version 0.8.5 (Build ID: 1257,12300, Build Data: 2006-07-06_02:22:44)
*** Version: 085.010
Copyright(C) 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.All Rights Reserved.
[INFO]: === eXtreme Data Rate Memory Subsystem ===
[INFO]: (Configured Memory Size per single XIO channel: 256 MBytes.)
[INFO]: XIO channel[0] is available.
[INFO]: XIO channel[1] is available.
[INFO]: ---> Total 512 MBytes are now in use.
[INFO]: SPU enable [0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6] 11101111
[INFO]: BE:3.1, SB:DX3.2
initial heap: 0 - 0000000000719000
Lv-0 area 0x0000000000000000 - 0x00000000000c2000
MIC_TM_Threshold_0: 86390c7000000000
MIC_TM_Threshold_1: 86390c7000000000
IOC_IOIF0_QueThshld: 0000000000676700
IOC_IOIF1_QueThshld: 0000000000000000
TKM_MBAR: 00000000057d150e
TKM_IOIF0_AR: 0000000000fc79cb
TKM_IOIF1_AR: 0000000000000000
TKM_PR: 00000003ffffffff
TKM_CR: 00000000000f73e0
BIU_ModeSetup1: f003c00000000000
BIU_ModeSetup2: 000003c020000500
IOC_IOCmd_Cfg: 0000400010000800
Cell OS SDK0.8.5 010 (release build: r12300 20060706_022806)
Copyright 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
revision: 12025
date:     Thu Jul  6 02:28:06 JST 2006
SB: ELCRCERT = 00000001
rsx:      b03 500/650 vpe:ff shd:3f [GAB886500:1:2:6:a:b:3:f:1][39:2:0:0:1:3]
pme_init running...
ss ***-0.8.5
ss build date:    Thu Jul  6 03:06:31 JST 2006
ss revision:    1239
sys revision:    12300
sysmgr running...
lv2(0): Total memory: 526385152 bytes
lv2(0): Register kern memory 0x0000000001000000 1000000
lv2(0): Register user memory 0: 0x0000000000e00000 2097152
lv2(0): Register user memory 1: 0x0000740020000000 509607936
lv2(0): kern work addr and size 0x80000000004c4f28 160
lv2(0): user work addr and size 0x80000000004c4fc8 7648 for 478 MB user memory
lv2(0):   memory segment (kern) #0, base: 0x0000000000000000, size: 0x14336 KB
lv2(0):   memory segment (user) #0, base: 0x0000000000e00000, size: 0x2048 KB
lv2(0):   memory segment (user) #1, base: 0x0000740020000000, size: 0x497664 KB
lv2(0): trace buf 0x000074003d600000
lv2(0): total memory size: 502MB
lv2(0): kern memory size:   24MB (heap:9444KB  page pool:10240KB)
lv2(0): user memory size:  462MB
lv2(2): Cell OS Lv-2 32 bit version 0.8.5
lv2(2): Copyright 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
lv2(2): All Rights Reserved.
lv2(2): revision: 12300
lv2(2): build date: 2006/07/06 02:41:07
lv2(2): processor: Broadband Engine DD3.1
lv2(2): scheduler policy: FIXED_PRIORITY
lv2(2): cpu[0: 0] is enable.
lv2(2): cpu[0: 1] is enable.
lv2(2): *** Welcome to Cell OS Lv-2 ***
lv2(2): IOS: Platform Cyt3.2
lv2(2): mounting HOSTFS in default mount point "/app_home" : OK
lv2(2): mounting HOSTFS in default mount point "/host_root" : OK
lv2(2): Available physical SPUs: 6
lv2(2): mounting the flash file system : OK
lv2(2): creating the initial system process : OK
lv2(2): the flash(#2) file system mounted.
lv2(2): directory data/font access control done.
lv2(2): directory data/cert access control done.
lv2(2): directory sys/external access control done.
lv2(2): system software: selection mode (memsize=384MB)
lv2(2): creating the system software process : OK
creating the sound process : /dev_flash/sys_audio.selfOK
-= Start AudioSystem process =-
mounting HDD in the mount point "/dev_hdd0" : .Failed (error code:0x80010002)
lv2(2): BDemulator: disabled
Error 31 to create database
DB Prepare Critical Error. go to exit() openDbInInitialize at xMMSMdRelationResolveAccessor.cpp(1434)
Registry initialization start:............. done

C2f0a0DXUAE1V_a.jpg C2f0ddfW8AEKve2.jpg C2f0X_WW8AAt8Qi.jpg C2f0ZiNXcAQwB9L.jpg
PS3 Devkit Downgrading to firmware 0.85
PS3 Devkit Downgrading to firmware 0.85
PS3 DECR 0.85.010 XMB Pictures After Downgrade by Joonie86.jpg


According to the Chart your CECH-4211a is a PS3 Slim 4K meaning you won't be able to downgrade it with a flasher... your only choice may be to look into an ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) hardware mod.
Sorry if my question is banal ....what's the usefulness of this? One can downgrade via software instead of using a flasher?
Up to now it's primarily useful to developers or those who have a newer PS3 Reference Tool that want to run less restricted lower Firmware on it, for example if Sony added new protection or blocked certain 'useful' commands that are still present in previous revisions.
hey guys i have ps3 with 4.81 firmware i cant seem to find a proper link where i can get the 3.55 firmware to jailbreak my ps3 can anyone send me the proper link without taking me to offers that i must complete 1st
For those who are curious, and if joonie can find use from this I have a early model of the reference tool at my shop. Its primarly silver in color runs even older firmware however I cannot update it past a certain point its firmware is different.