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Today PlayStation developer notzecoxao shared a video demonstration of a PS3 DECR-1000 running PS1 Classics and PSP Minis.

For those of you who have been around the scene awhile, you may recall the PlayStation 3 Development Kit hitting E-Bay, details on the PS3 TOOL Internals, Syscon / Flash Chips, PS3 TOOL CP, Serial Port and XMB Menu.

Our resident PSXHAX Moderator @Centrino has also just recently got his hands on a PS3 DECR-1000A development unit as well, so overall it definitely appears the PlayStation 3 scene isn't dead yet! (y)

From the video's caption, to quote: DECR-1000 running PS1 Classics and PSP Minis

To make this work you need to:
  • Have a cfw for mounting dev_blind and moving ps1emu and pspemu folders, or you can just make a cfw with those two folders and their contents. I just used IRISMAN with PASTA CFW.
  • Activate your content with reactpsn+user aa+exdata raps in usb000/exdata
  • And a DECR-1000.
PS3 DECR-1000.jpg



Thank God i still have my jailbroken ps3. I haven't even play through half of my collections and now this, i guess i'll be done with them all when ps5 comes out. LOL.


Staff Member
I never owned one myself, but apparently on those PS3 Reference Tool development units they weren't playable... until now. :geek:

As you said though, retail PS3 consoles modded with CFW this would be 'old news' for.
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