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Can anybody upload / point me to the DLC unlocker for PS3 Street Fighter X Tekken ? - all the links i have found are dead.



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Thanks @windrider42, I started looking also and ran across a post that made me wonder if the const.lua he's seeking even works any more... here is a link with translation below:

To quote from JiMMy_PaGe: As promised: Street Fighter X Tekken 1.08 (ver.2013) DLC Characters Unlocker PS3 (All Regions)

English: About

These EBOOTS unlock all 12 DLC characters on the latest patch available for Street Fighter x Tekken (ver.2013) since the old method which used to modified "const.lua" no longer work.

PS: The EBOOTS were resigned with 3.41 keys and tested only on REBUG 4.21.2 (CEX Mode) but should work on all available CFW.


On a jailbroken PS3 extract the "EBOOT.BIN" according to your game version to "dev_hdd0 / game / BLES01252 / USRDIR" (EUROPEAN VERSION) or "dev_hdd0 / game / BLUS30722 / USRDIR" (AMERICAN VERSION) using MultiMan File Manager, FTP , Or any program that manages PS3 file system, mount your game, have fun :)


Until version 1.07 you could unlock all the DLC characters by just unpacking "CMN.eaf", editing the extracted "const.lua" and dummying the word "unlock" with a hex editor, but this method NO LONGER WORK ON 1.08 .2013), luckily Capcom is not that smart lol and they just moved the "unlock" routine to the EBOOT.BIN, so even if you edit the new "const.lua" found at "CMN_patch.eaf" the characters will remain locked.

To unlock them and trick the system once again you will have to decrypt "EBOOT.BIN" with any available tool around (I prefer to use aldo's ps3tools because you only have to click with the right button on the eboot, choose "Extract ELF "And SCETOOL will all work for ya), open the generated" EBOOT.ELF "with any hex editor and change all occurrences of the word" unlock "to" _nlock "(AGAIN), resign the eboot and thats it, Say hello to the DLC characters :)

I do not know if you're editing the new "const.lua" unlocks something on the game, probably not, but if you want to try, unpack the file "CMN_patch.eaf" found at the update and give it a shot ;)

Why am I writing all these stuff? Because if Capcom releases another update you will be able to hack the game yourself.

Have fun! If you liked the characters, buy them! Support the developers!

Downloads: (dead link)