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Hello guys,

I have several questions about CFW and few games. :)

I really started to like playing BF4 online. But the thing is I have the newest rebug CFW and I dont want to get banned. I wouldnt mind to pay for the game and play it online but also I dont want to lost all my SP games and would like to play it on CFW. Or does anyone here playing BF4 for a long time and have some "safe" way to play it on CFW?

Also some games like UC2-3, TLOS or Heavy rain somehow doesnt work on my PS3 (infinite loading when the game is started) do you have some fix for this?

Thanks for the answers :)


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There is no safe way as NO ONE know how and on what conditions bans are given ;) , all games u have mentioned working perfect from internal HDD ;)


thank you ivarkarl i appreciate the feed back and if u have any more questions go ahead and hit me up and ill do the best i can and if i dont know the answer ill put u on the right path