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Hi, I want to play some old games, is this the PS3 model that has the emotion engine chip on it?

I'd like to play mostly ps1 games with proper texture smoothing like the PS2.. The thing is I can get this console used for cheap (about 30$) but it has the blinking red light, is it repairable? I've heard it's related to overheating, other than that I'm clueless. Thanks in advance.


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If I recall it's older PS3 consoles with 4 USB ports, such as the CECHA01, CECHB01, CECHE01, etc that are backwards compatible natively:

For other PS3 models there are some guides and video tutorials for doing it via PS3 CFW like Rebug.

You can try searching YouTube for videos on the PS3's symptoms like the blinking red light, but it's usually a gamble whether it ends up being an easy fix or not.


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you will need a reflow station. not cheap. or search for someone who repairs them for like $50 to $80. however this is not permanent and can get the symptoms again if not properly done. good luck

ajit mallah

I have a ps3 cech 2001a. In this case fan was short with 12 volt supply than sw2-301 was short

I do not have SW2-301 but I have SW2-302 will it work?

please help me


If you can post a picture of the one your looking to use I can tell you if it will work or not. I have repaired countless ps3 systems, from downgrading them, to rebelling them, to God knows what else.

I sold all my ps3 parts because the changing of the times and trying to decide if I'm gonna get into the ps4 scene with repairs and what ever else comes out for the system. (Modchips, downgrades, etc..) back to the point here, I can see the power supplies in my head but I dont recall the model numbers on the units off the top of my head.